The Real Reasons Men Pull Away When They Are Falling In Love

We’ve fallen into the comfort zone, and slightly mundane zone with the house… and not hanging out enough has meant things have become stale. I said it is fairly normal for teething problems when couples move in. And this is the first stmbling block we’ve ever had so we should look to step up and overcome it.

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Do you think there is any hope in us finding love again when my husband CLEARLY has no desire to be with me?
I read your blog post (article?) about falling out of love with interest

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Yet two weeks after the card we had another ‘discussion’ no argument really just a brutally honest painful discussion that he is not sure he is in love with me and that he has questioned it for a long time. I asked if he would go to counseling (which would be a huge step for him) and at that time he said yes. I began to go and always offered him a chance to go with me. So far he has not gone, yet he does ask with interest what I do there, etc… He has spoken to me about resentments that he has towards me that have built up over the years. I have apologized for these. He has indicated he is uncomfortable with our relationship as he feels he is putting himself in something similar to his parents (i.e father dependent on his mother). We have talked openly about different things he would like to explore to wake back up our sex life – I indicated a willingness to try. He continues to engage with our relationship in terms of making plans with me, hanging out as a couple, spending time with our respective families as a couple. We still talk well and play well together and hug each other and kiss (peck) daily. I traveled to see friends and he could not go because of work and he surprised me by attempting to get the day off to be with me (he couldn’t get it off though). That entire day he indicated he really wished he was with me and that was only 10 days ago. However, somehow when I came home I started to lose some of my optimism that we were getting over the hump and moving towards each other again.

The freedom I’d found, in falling in love with you, wow, where, oh where, do I start??

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I would plead with him for years to show me he loved me for what was on the inside but he never seemed to be able to. I got more and more resentful over the years even though he would occassionally change but always reverted back. I got to the point where I would tell him that if things did not change it would be too late one day because I was getting really tired of feeling the way I did in hopes that he would change. He didn’t change and I gave up on us… Because of our children and the fact that I didn’t feel like I would be valued by anyone else so why leave, I stayed with him in the marriage. I fell out of love and lost emotional connection with him at least a year ago.

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He says he is willing to look back on our progress six months from now, and decide whether or not things are worth continuing. It is just so hard for me right now, even though I was the one who wanted to move out. I want to show him that I’ve honestly changed and win back his love, but all the pressure is on me at the moment… I’m worried that I’ll make a mistake or try too hard. What should I do? We were completely happy for more then two years, and he even said he thought I would be the one he married one day… We thought we were soul mates! So, along with giving him all the space/no contact he needs right now, how do I handle everything else? Please help!