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To overcome the lack of qualitative and quantitative information on the commercial sexual exploitation of children new research approach and non-traditional research methods must be elaborated and applied.

International Children’s Rights (Advanced LL.M.)

The assessment of commercial sexual exploitation of children : a review of methodologies (English)
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“The lectures, and the visit of the students at the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva, focused on international labour law, and especially on the ILO standards. The Q&A and discussions with the students turned out extremely rich and stimulating for me – I hope also for the students. Child labour will likely remain among the important international topics in SDGs (target 8.7) as well as in the discourse of global supply chains’ compliance. In addressing child labour in practice, the legal prohibition is only a part of much wider and comprehensive set of policy and action with a holistic approach, reflecting the rights of children. I hope that the reflection on the issue of child labour will help all the students in the programme to gain a different perspective, whatever specific field they take in their career.”

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“I had a great honour and pleasure in giving lectures on child labour to the students at Leiden Advanced Studies in International Children’s Rights programme.”

Topics include: Child health; Education; Children’s rights; Children and the courts; Children and young people with disabilities.
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against violence or exploitation

The invisibility and defenselessness of the victims, as well as the lack of public debate and responses from the various states to commercial and non-commercial sexual exploitation of children, are some of the most serious features of this present form of exploitation.

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“International children’s rights is a unique, dynamic and complex area of law. This programme offers advanced, specialist knowledge and practical skills required to effectively protect the rights of children worldwide.”

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This is a simplified version of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (the official version can be found . It has been signed by 191 countries. The convention has 54 articles in total. Articles 43 – 54 are about how governments and international organisations will work to support children’s rights.

The Convention operates on : non-discrimination; right to life, survival, and development; doing what is in the best interest of the child; and meaningfully engaging children and youth. Click in child and youth friendly language.

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Are you interested in learning how to promote and protect the rights of children around the world? This programme will provide the specialist knowledge and professional skills you need to effectively protect the rights of children worldwide.

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What are the rights of the child when it comes to forced marriages or protection against violence or exploitation? Which rights do refugee children have in their host communities? And how can children’s rights be legally enforced in various countries across the globe?