Such union or partnership is always fruitful and creative.

Madison, 10, is afraid of shots (immunizations) and was once teased because she said she was afraid of thunderstorms. "I tried to take my words back, but they knew anyway. I was really embarrassed," she said.

He could do this upto the number of four people.

Tommy, 11, fears the dark because he worries that someone might break into his house.
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The answer is pretty straightforward: somewhere in Disney's vaults.

As we commented above with , since Warner owns the program one fan thought that the studio's MOD (manufacture-on-demand) online-sales-only program might be a way for this series to come to DVD.

We're keeping an eye on it, though.

But since Warner owns the program, one fan thought that the studio's MOD (manufacture-on-demand) online-sales-only program might be a good fit for this series.

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So why didn't that ever hit DVD?

Other fears that kids have make sense and do not need to be conquered. If you're afraid to ride your bike on a busy highway, right on! You should be afraid because it's dangerous. There's no need to get over a fear like that, not even if someone dares you. Find a safe place to ride instead.

Some speculated that it was from low sales of the first season set.

It's also OK for Rachel to be afraid of that big jellyfish in Australia because it's truly dangerous. But she doesn't have to be afraid of it all the time — or even every time she swims. It lives only in certain ocean waters. So when she's not swimming in one of them, no worries about the big jellyfish.

No word on the other telefilm, however.

But the sales on Season 1 simply weren't enough to cover the high music costs, so the studio has no plans to move forward with further season sets at this time.

Well, of course not, don't be ridiculous.

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Did THEY buy Knots Landing on DVD?

Twelve-year-old Nick knows how taking small steps can lead to success. He used to be afraid to play his trumpet in front of people. But over time, he played in front of larger and larger groups. "First, I just played in front of my mom, then my family, then my classmates, then the whole school!" he said.

The problem is that there are heavy music clearance costs involved.

The only difference here is that there is, from time to time, word that the people behind the show are working to try to get the remaining two seasons released on DVD.