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- A social and political commentary on present day urban America set in the context of a hot interracial sex story involving a young white girl, her mother and the black men in their new found circumstances.

How I Developed my Spiritual Perspective

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My Early Paranormal Experiences

It was raining, at night, and I drove several miles back to the building. As I drove into the parking lot, a scene from the movies greeted me. The parking lot was empty, and as I pulled into it, a woman ran at my car in my headlights, and a car was following her, as if it would run her over. She was frantically waving at me and came to the passenger’s side of my car. I opened the door while the car was still rolling, and she leapt in and screamed that we needed to escape fast. I drove past the oncoming car and kept going; it did not turn and around and follow us. When it became evident that we were not being followed, I looked at my passenger. She was a young woman of about 18 years who had a swollen eye and bleeding facial cuts. I asked if I could take her to a hospital, but she said that she just needed some antiseptic and bandages. She said that she was a prostitute who had just finished transacting business with the customer in that car that was chasing her. Instead of paying her, the customer began beating her and she somehow escaped. He began to chase her in his car as I drove into the parking lot. She probably escaped as she saw a car pulling into the parking lot. I bought some first aid and took her to my apartment to treat her. Then I drove her home, which was across the street from my office building. That ordeal lasted a couple of hours. I gave her some money and left to find my keys. Just as I drove into the parking lot, about a hundred meters ahead something glistened like a beacon in the darkness. As I drove up, it was my key ring.

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Illus. by Bernie Fuchs. Boston: Little, Brown, 1989. Tumpie, a young Black girl who will later become famous as the dancer Josephine Baker, longs to find the opportunity to dance amid the poverty and vivacious street life of St. Louis in the early 1900s.

(M+/F, wife, gb, intr, cuck, cream-pie)  - This story tells the tale of a young girl raped on her way home from work.
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There is a scam in Poland where men are drugged and robbed at strip clubs

Survivor Rick Ardito's Description Of The Massacre

American Indian Stories BY ZITKALA-SA (Gertrude Bonnin) Dakota Sioux Indian

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