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Written by Hans Christian Andersen Summary The Ugly Duckling tries to teach children these lessons:
self-confidence and perseverance Socializing Lessons The Ugly Duckling is discriminated against by memebers of his family because he does not look the same as they do.

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Gender Roles The mother role in the Ugly Duckling is unlike the

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The "mother" of the ugly duckling who should be caring and loving, neglects her son because of his outward appearance and shows disgust.
The males in the book portray the same attitude towards the ugly duckling, This use of gender roles teaches children that sometimes people defy their gender roles.

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Self-confidence and Perseverance is the Key The Ugly Duckling's family did not accept him for who he was, therefore the ugly duckling did not accept himself for who he was.

Upon encountering a group of elegant white birds, the ugly duckling aspires to one day be as beautiful as them.

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He is too big: The mistreatment of the Ugly Duckling mirrors Andersen's own treatment at the hands of other children and adults in Odense. Alison Prince refers to two incidents. Andersen was once chased home by boys "pelted and shouted at like his mad grandfather before him" (36). He was also treated badly at a cloth mill where he was sent to work. At first he was treated well, but when teased he cried (Prince 34). The other workers than stripped him to see if he was really a boy (Prince 34). CE

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The Franks write: "Andersen did not have much of a wild youth, but two of his close friends did. Fritz Petit, who would later translate Andersen to German, and the writer Carl Bagger, to whom the volume containing “The Ugly Duckling” is dedicated, were bohemians who drank and pursued women and encouraged Andersen (unsuccessfully) to do the same" (167). HAH

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Even the dog will not bite me: The Ugly Duckling misinterprets the hunting dog's training. The dog rejects the duckling not because of looks but because the duckling is not what the dog should retrieve. This shows the reader the depth of the duckling's despair. CE

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A duck sat on her nest: The Ugly Duckling's mother could be a stand-in for Andersen's own mother, Anne Marie Andersen. CE

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Large: Andersen was unusually tall and eccentric as a child (Wullschlager 20). It should also be noted that the Ugly Duckling is the last to hatch (Bettelheim 105). CE

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It should also be noted that "The Ugly Duckling" ". . . is the Cinderella idea enacted by farmyard inhabitants" (Drinkwater 858). In addition, "The Ugly Duckling" is a "classic fable" (Langford 972). A fable is "a short narrative which is often a commentary upon society or the human condition presented as an allegory or parable, almost always with a hidden (though not obscure) message" (Ashley 327). The use of animals in a fable is to "symbolize aspects of humankind" (Ashley 327) and so that the tale appeals to children (Ashley 327). CE