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I have had 5 Janome machines 8000, 9000,9700, 10000,11000 and have never had a problem, i have had my 11000 for about 5years and i use it nearly everyday i make hanbags large, small, thick and thin i do duvet covers with beautiful embroidery on and huge tablecloths a lot of which have my own designs on that i do on my PC with Digitizing software then transfer to a memory stick and put in side of machine, also downloaded designs, not had any problems yet, i always use Janome bobbins and bobbin thread,i always make sure the bobbin section is kept free of dust and fluff and that the needles are changed regularly also that i use the correct needle for the project i am doing, let’s hope my luck continues as i have just had the 12000 delivered, i would not buy any other make of machine.

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everyday use is so very wonderful short story that i ever read before..i love this...les
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In the 1950s, a man named Charles Farran found what he considered to be a loophole inthe Royal Marriages Act. He pointed out that since Queen Alexandra (wife of KingEdward VII) was a descendant of a princess who had married into a foreign family, shewas not covered by the Royal Marriages Act of 1772. (This Act contains a clause whichexempts descendants of all princesses who marry into foreign royal houses, even thosedescendants who marry back into the British line and their descendants, from requiring theSovereign's permission before marrying). As descendants of a British princess who marriedinto a foreign royal family, Queen Alexandra and her descendants were exempt from theAct's requirements. Therefore, depending on whether or not Queen Victoria can beconsidered to be a princess who married into a foreign royal house (that is, Saxe-Coburgand Gotha), everybody who could be covered by the Royal Marriages Act has aFarran exemption (*) and so the Act is dead. Farran's arguments do not seem to botherthe present royal family who behaves as if there isn't any substance to them. After all, there hasn't been any court ruling one way or another on this point.

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While going through mementos in benefits of juicing everyday use Grandma’s ..
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I have had my 11000 SE since early spring and I love mine! I do a lot of embroidery and sew totes using double sided pre-quilted fabric and it does not compare to the 9500 I traded in for it. I was all the time breaking needles while sewing on thick fabric with my 9500, not the case with my 11000. It sews through thicknesses as if they were single thicknesses. I have found that if I clean out the lint after every project and change needles regularly it operates like a charm. What are you talking about when you say that a hole comes in the bobbin case? I have not tried the built-in quilting features, but I am looking forward to learning how to use it. I am still loving my 11000!

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Since the spouse of a member of the royal familyis instantly in a special position, as the possible parent or ancestor of a future sovereign, it is indeed perfectly relevant for the Crown to have a say in whom a member of the royalfamily marries. If any member of the royal family refuses to accept that authority they may act as they wish, but forfeit their rights and privileges. If they wish to retain the privileges of their rank, they have a duty of obedience to the law - and it is perfectly reasonable that permission to marry should be part of the law (every European royal family and many mediatised ones have "house Laws" regulating marriage). Even in "ordinary" families, parents indicate their consent or disapproval of the choice of spouse of a family member, and the consequence of disobedience may occasionally lead to alienation in a family. There isn't anything particularly odd or unusual about this.

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I love the embroidery options and create t-shirt designs for house guests. But I have owned this machine for three years and like everyone else, I have a little drawer full of pierced bobbin cases to show for it. I think I should buy stock in the bobbin case factory! The machine works well 80% of the time and then something goes terribly wrong and a needle breaks off in the bobbin case and the case pops up out of the machine. Happily, no flying needle pieces yet, just a terrible sound when the machine jams and the needle breaks.
My husband gave me a little can of compressed air to spray under the bobbin case, hoping that thread fiber might be the cause, but no, it makes no difference.