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Evidence supports the idea that eukaryotic cells are actually the descendents of separate prokaryotic cells that joined together in a symbiotic union.

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Interactive Eukaryotic Cell Model - CELLS alive!

These tiny organelles in the cell not only produce chemical energy, but also hold the key to understanding the evolution of the eukaryotic cell. The complex eukaryotic cell ushered in a whole new era for life on Earth, because these cells evolved into multicellular organisms.

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Living cells are divided into two types - procaryotic and eucaryotic (sometimes spelled prokaryotic and eukaryotic). This division is based on internal complexity. The following pages can provide graphic roadmaps to the organization of both of these cell types.

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Genetically modified organism, GMO (French : organisme génétiquement modifié, OGM) Organism of which the genome has been modified. If the reproductive cells carry the modification they will transmit it to the descents.

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Transgenic, animal (French : animal transgénique) In reference to a living organism which foreign DNA has been introduced in all or the majority of his cells. The estrange gene can be transmitted to descents. Animal conceived to bear a gene from another animal.

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