The intolerance can vary by race and ethnicity.

You may think that changing what you eat will be difficult because it can be tied to your moods, your health or your economic and social circumstances, and living in a can make it even more challenging. However, what you eat can prevent or reduce your risk of dietary diseases and premature death, so choosing plant-based foods can truly be empowering, healing and even life-saving.

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Lactose intolerance — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, causes, diet and self-care.
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We studied 166 hospitalized male patients to determine the clinical importance of tolerance-test-determined "lactose intolerance," assumed to affect most of the world's adults. Abnormal lactose tolerance tests were found in 81% of 98 blacks, 12% of 59 whites of Scandinavian or Northwestern European extraction, and three of nine non-European whites. Seventy-two per cent of the "lactose-intolerant" subjects had previously realized that milk drinking could induce abdominal and bowel symptoms. Two hundred and forty milliliters of low-fat milk produced gaseousness or cramps in 59% of 44 "lactose-intolerant" men, and 68% were symptomatic with the equivalent amount of lactose. None of 18 "lactose-tolerant" men noted symptoms with milk or lactose. Refusal to drink 240 ml of low-fat milk served with meals correlated significantly with "lactose-intolerance": 31.4% versus 12.9% among "lactose-tolerant" patients.


Some people seem to maintain healthy blood levels no matter what they eat. In any discussion about heart disease, everyone seems to know one of these people who eats whatever they want, is 85 years old, and is still doing their three-mile walk every morning. The explanation for this is that some people’s bodies have a higher capacity for metabolizing saturated fat and cholesterol from food. However, even if you are not one of these people, you can easily control your cholesterol level and radically reduce your risk for heart disease by eating a diet.

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