It’s not about ethnicity – it’s about values and culture.

You don’t need ethnic diversity to have a conflict. But of course, diversity and “impossibility to live together” are always very good excuses to start a fight

Politicians using ethnic diversity to divide and win votes.

Our strong track record in promoting cultural and religious diversity is demonstrated by:

Ethnic Diversity, Democratization and Nation-Building …

I could care less what religion, ethnic group, or class groups belong to. In the United States, it is being United under the U.S. Constitution that matters. It is not merely democracy, but adhering to these principles that matters most. United we stand, divided we fall.

Cultural Diversity Mandate - United States Conference …

Germany, UK or Sweden’s approach is to be repressive. This only denotes fear of themselves, not genuine enthusiasm. Spain has hundreds of years of experience, good and bad, with multi-ethnic society. There is nothing bad about diversity, but there is about dishonesty. Don’t sweep your problems under the rug, they will only accumulate. You must confront them.

many countries, like Canada, Australia, and Singapore are very peaceful and ethnically diverse

Are ethnically diverse societies a source of instability

As Church history indicates, the Church cannot be focused on its mission to evangelize without being more and more an expert in diversity (see Pope Paul VI, Apostolic Exhortation On Evangelization in the Modern World [
The value of culture for the life of humanitySaint John's proclamation that the Word became flesh reveals the inseparable bond between God's word and the human words by which he communicates with us.

Why Diversity Matters: A Roundtable Discussion on …

Embracing diversity also cuts down on legal costs. That's because it's illegal for employers to discriminate against employees based on their cultural diversity.

Pako Festa | A Celebration of Cultural Diversity

Definition: Cultural diversity is when differences in race, ethnicity, age, ability, language, nationality, socioeconomic status, gender, religion or sexual orientation are represented within a community. The community can be a country, region, city, neighborhood, company or school. The group is culturally diverse if a wide variety of groups are represented. Cultural diversity has become a hot-button issue when applied to the workplace.

It’s NOT about ethnic diversity, it’s about CULTURE-PRINCIPLES-BEHAVIORS!

Western Australia has increasing cultural and religious diversity, ..

There is no “mono-ethnic” society on this earth. Probably there was 40000 years ago, when the human nation(yes there is only one human race, one human nation, in other words we are all sisters and brothers) lived together in one tribe. According to the essence of life, and genetic, diversity is the key/clue of survival, and it is true to cultural(memetic) diversity. More diverse, more opportunity to give a “right answer” to to challenge of the dinamically changing enviroment. …

No! Conflicts being caused mostly by cultural and religious differences, not ethnic diversity.

Cultural Diversity in Australia

Why does cultural diversity matter? It can benefit a workplace. People with different backgrounds have different interpretations of events. They contribute unique perspectives. That allows the group to look at problems from all angles and create innovative results.

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Without that commitment, cultural diversity can weaken a group. Differences in interpretation of events can lead to miscommunication. If not addressed, awkwardness and hostilities arise. Prejudices will worsen that effect. People can jump to conclusions and misinterpret behaviors.