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The entire story of the main character by the name Ethan Frome together with his family is narrated by anonymous individual who happened to stay with them during winter in Stark field, Massachusetts (Thomas 405).

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The whole episode unfolds in the New England in a fictitious town of Stark field where the narrator makes a brief encounter with Ethan Frome while the former worked with in Massachusetts with a power plant.

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Every bit of time and moment the couple shared together was culminated by a frown as future seemed more blurred than even the past.
Thus, the narrator dig up the opportunity to taste life in this stunning town where the tall and lame character called Ethan Frome also worked.

“From Retreat To Revelation – A Prismatic Study Of Edith Wharton’s Ethan Frome And Summer.” Language In India 11.9 (2011): 264-270.

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