5 Simple Ways To Effectively Manage Workplace Stress

Organizational management structure might also be referred to as 'organizational architecture' or 'management hierarchy'. Mainly this means the number of management levels in an organization. Historically management structures tended to contain more levels than in modern times, but situations are subject to wide variation still today. Management structure also includes the reporting lines and 'shape' of the organization, in terms of how teams and groups are positioned and connected, and especially management responsibilities. Some organizations have complex 'matrix' management structures, notably those with several different international operations, where managers may for example have local responsibility for staff 'pay and rations' (i.e., local matters of contractual employment, pay, holidays, office/workspace, etc), while having a much wider international responsibility for a specific brand or business unit or activity, and also for the the overseas staff involved in those activities (who in turn commonly can report to a local national manager for local 'pay and rations' issues. It does not take much imagination to see that such complexities provide more of a challenge for establishing and maintaining adequate support in relation to stress and wellbeing.

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After a period of research, piloting and testing, in 2004 the Management Standards were launched by the HSE, specifically to address issues of poor health, lowered productivity and increased sickness absence. The standards offered guidelines on stress for employers, and highlighted six aspects of work which if managed poorly could create stress in the workplace. The standards were introduced to encourage good practice and raise awareness of how organisational/working methods and activities influence stress.

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Conversely, a manager who lacks empathy and adaptability, and who fails to lead and help his/her people in even the most basic 'humanistic' ways, can ruin a potentially brilliant team, and can (purely accidentally - there is no suggestion or requirement for intent) create serious conflict and emotional upset, never mind the disastrous effect on performance, quality and results.

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