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- Increase the use of "academic" or "educational" networking - connecting their work socially and academically to a wider world
- Make connections between online participation and the digital footprint left behind - responsibility, safety, reputation, good citizenship
- Brings additional voices to the classroom to help stimulate engagement, discussion, and understanding (ex: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Skype)
- Learn collaboration - a universally accepted quintessential skill for students in the 21st century - students critique and comment on each other's assignments, work in teams to create content, and can easily access each other and the teacher with questions or to start a discussion 3
- Development of 21st century skills needed in higher education and their future careers
- Nurture a positive attitude towards the use of technology in their education and their life as a whole 4
- Professional community of educators
- Encourages collaboration in dealing with everyday teaching related issues
- Easy exchange of information, ideas, and "best practices" in a friendly environment
- Exposure to technology-based ideas for the classroom
- Helps to encourage professional engagement, training and continuing education
- Promotion of inter-cultural and cross-cultural dialogue on education
- Increase communication between teachers and students
- Involvement in the classroom and the curriculum
- Understanding class and teacher expectations
- Transparency for schools and districts
- Post homework assignments - both students and parents know what is expected for the next class (reducing excuse-making for students)
- Share updates, changes, humorous stories, etc
- Increase the feel of community in classroom
- Increase communication between teachers and parents
- Historical Figures - create fake Facebook pages for famous people to "get to know" them and their contribution to history - listing likes, interests, status updates, etc.

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Social promotion is the promoting of a student from one grade to the next even if he or she is failing courses. The rationale for social promotion is that moving students to the next grade prevents them from being stigmatized because they are older and bigger than other children in their classes. A number of cities have recently passed legislation banning the practice. In these cities, all students would be required to pass proficiency tests before they would be passed on to the next grade. In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of this change? Do you agree with it? Why?
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Increasingly, teachers and schools are attempting to leverage the engaging qualities of Social Media for use in the classroom and beyond - connecting students, teachers, and parents better than ever before.The use of social media in school can't be left to chance; it needs to be mediated.
- 96%: of students with internet access report using social networking technologies
- 75%: of 7th through 12th graders have at least one social media profile
- 63%: increase in the amount of time kids ages 2-11 spent online between 2004-2009 3
- 59%: of students who use social networking talk about education topics online2
- 50%: of those who talk about education topics online, talk specifically about schoolwork 2
- 35%: of schools have student and/or instructor-run blogs 2
- 46%: of schools have students participate in online pen pal or other international programs 2
- 49%: of National School Boards Association (NSBA) schools participate in online collaboration with other schools 2
- 59%: of schools say their students use social networking for educational purposes 2
- 27%: of schools have an online community for teachers and administrators 2
- 69%: of American high schools have banned cell phones 3Skype, YouTube, and Facebook are the most popular social networking sites used in schools 2
- Enables students to see how their social networks can influence school activities, and vice versa.

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