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The usual mystery or detective stories use suspense and tension to build up to the resolution of the puzzle that is present within the plot (Turco 58).

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I am going to examine how both the writers create suspense and mystery in the stories.

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Like the newspaper article, suspense short story writing can be seemingly spontaneous or it may dramatize a specific event. It may view life with a narrow lens or open the aperture to a more global vision and yet the short story will remain a tight and focused piece of literature. As Floyd says, the mystery short story “focuses on one event, one problem and one character or a small set of characters,”(2003). It is important to remind students, however, that a suspense short story is still a short story and a piece of fiction. Unlike the journalist, who reports the news free of personal opinion, the suspense writer is fraught with opinions and beliefs that increase internal conflict and heighten the tension of the story.

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Think of Sherlock Holmes...he wants to solve the crime, but you don't know how he will do it.
Each plot event should add to the uncertainty of the reader to draw him further into the story.
Rising Action
The stakes for the character are raised by the author, placing the character in increasing danger, or his personal risks (such as loss of treasure, friendship or safety) are increasingly higher.
The author sometimes creates a "near miss" or a false solution that keeps readers on their toes and prevents the plot from becoming predictable.
Close Calls
Authors of suspenseful literature will focus on the details such as a knock on the door, turn of a key or a shadow moving in the corner.
The author will give his/her story a place and time that invites curiosity and uncertainty.
*" It was a Dark and Stormy night"
*An old barn with squeaky hinges
*A small town with a spooky past

The key word is...
Suspense is a crucial plot element in literature.

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Setting To create suspense and tension in traditional mystery stories the setting is made to feel dangerous, threatening and to make the reader feel scared.

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Now that your students know what a short story is you can assist them in becoming aware of what suspense is. A medium that they should all be familiar with is film. So many young people find it easy to connect with film and this may be a good place familiarize them with the element of suspense. I suggest letting them observe some good old fashioned suspense. The following mini-lesson on Suspense in film should show your student elements of pure suspense. You can point out to them, “Although there is some thrashing about, there is no gore. A detective is present in the movie but he is not the protagonist. Rear Window is not a horror movie or a straight mystery. The reason you were sitting on the edge of your seats is because of the suspense.” To begin this genre study a general definition of a short story will be discussed, followed by a mini-lesson and a more specific definition of the suspense short story.

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Suspense is a state of tension and uncertainty. Suspense short story requires an emotional pull that encourages the reader to continue reading. One of the aims of a suspense writer is to sustain the reader's interest. As the title implies, suspense short story is typically a piece of fiction which ranges between 2,000 and 5,000 words in length, although there are examples of it being shorter or longer(Floyd 2003). It is commonly paired with two other sub-genres mystery and detective short story. Characteristically, a suspense short story need not have a detective, a big crime or excessive violence, but it may also have a problem or puzzle to be solved as in mystery short story.

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The two ghost stories "The Call" written by Robert Westall and "The Signalman" written by Charles Dickens, both create suspense and mystery to engage the reader's attention.