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Chaucer's Wife of Bath speaks fervently on her views of marriage, which opens up a full blown discussion of marriage followed up by other pilgrims in the Canterbury tales.

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The Wife of Bath is opposite of what women were expected to be in The Middle Ages.
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Clearly, the wife of bath’s prologue is largely an argument in defense of her multiple marriages than an attempt to prove her idea that "if society was reorganized so that women’s dominance was recognized, society would be much improved" (Williams, 72).

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Through obstinacy, the wife of bath declares that a wife will achieve sovereignty in marriage, which is good for both, the wife and husband, as a women’s sovereignty provides for peace.

As shocking as the tale was, The Wife of Bath was not as much expressing dominance over men , but equality between men and women.
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The story of "The Wife of Bath" is a part of an acrimoniousmedieval debate over the place of women in society It was first calledthe "" (the debate over the ) andlater called the "" (the debate about women). It started regarding Jean de Meun'son the groundsthat it encouraged immorality and denigrated women (Richards xxiv, Quilligan,Allegory 20).

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The Wife of Bath in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales has a very particular view on the workings of the institution with men being dominated by women.

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One of his characters, the Wife of Bath, contradicts many ofthese oppressive customs and asserts her own overbearing assessment ofthe roles of women in society and in relationships. However, whileapparently attempting to assert female dominance over men, the effect theWife desires is to bring men and women to a more balanced level of power.
No attempt to change the minds of others with regardto social order could possibly be effective without a statement of theshortcomings of the current order. This is where the Wife may oftenbe written off as a shrew-like bombast simply spouting her dissatisfaction. She does, however, state several clever examples of how her society currentlytreats women unfairly. She states that double standards for womenand men are too common and are deeply rooted in culture. She saysthat the teachings of Christ tell her, "That by the same ensample taughtehe me / That I ne sholde wedded be but ones" (p.

to fail in her search for equality, ..

Being one of the only women on the pilgrimage the Wife of Bath indirectly challenges the men around her by expressing her flamboyant views on sovereignty in marriage.

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In summation, comparing Alison’s adultery and infidelity to Dorigen’s faithful love to Arvegus and the wife of bath’s attitude toward chastity or lack thereof, we have seen Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales portray the concept of marriages in several different ways.