Are women and men politically equal?

When asked whether their government was doing enough to promote women’s equality, 40% of women said they did not believe that this was the case, with only a third (33%) satisfied with their efforts. In comparison, just under half of men (48%) felt that their government was doing enough, while a quarter (25%) disagreed.

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Views in the UK are close to the global average – just over four in 10 people believe the government is doing enough to promote gender equality, compared with 40% globally. Among men, the figure rises to 52%, while for women it falls to 35%.

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I see a strong case for continuing inequality in all three categories. The netmums survey found that only one in seven women still call themselves a feminist – with younger women least likely to.

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Differences in perception were especially stark in Poland, where 59% of men think opportunities are equal compared with just 32% of women. Other countries with notable differences in perception include Argentina (68% to 43%), South Africa (70% to 47%) and Peru (75% to 55%).

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More people in the UK believe we live in an age of equal opportunities than the global average, yet the disparity between the two sexes was considerable. More than two thirds of men (67%) compared with just 51% of women agree that women have equality with men.

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This is the first campaign of its kind at the UN: we want to try and galvanize as many men and boys as possible to be advocates for gender equality. And we don’t just want to talk about it, but make sure it is tangible.

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But the perceptions of gender equality do not always match reality. India considers itself the most equal of the countries surveyed, with 72% of people saying opportunities are equal between genders, including 68% of women. But according to the UN’s gender inequality index, India comes bottom of the 23 countries surveyed by Ipsos.

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“These results reveal the stark differences in perception between the sexes on gender equality,” said Jonathan Glennie, director of the Sustainable Development Research Centre. “Most women still see their opportunities diminished because of their gender, while men are much less likely to be worried by this. Gender equality is a critical part of the sustainable development agenda and these results show how far there is to go.”

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Right. This was illegal, but it’s an issue every small business considers, because it is a huge burden for businesses to pay money to women who go on maternity leave. But this is not the fault of the women; the population must continue somehow, and birthing is a taxing process. The burden of childcare should not be entirely on women’s shoulders. Their husbands, as, should shoulder more of it than most currently do, and we should have high-quality nurseries to which we are happy to send our children. Only with these things in place will men and women be set up for equality in the workplace.