The jazz guitar great died Tuesday of heart failure at the age of 72.

The Jazz Age of The Roaring Twenties wasn't just a golden era when it comes to literature and art; it also set the standard on parties - the kind F. Scott Fitzgerald chronicled in this classic American novel, "The Great Gatsby."

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Tommy Banks, a renowned Edmonton jazz pianist and former senator, has died at the age of 81.

A form of rebellion specifically for women during the Jazz Age was

being the most popular Jazz band leader of the Jazz Age is blamed for the racism in America that denied African-American musicians the credit that they deserved in the history of Jazz.

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Attendees are encouraged to come dressed as flappers, mobsters and crooners - and check out "Jazz Age." Admission to the exhibition - which is packed with roughly 320 examples of art and design from the era - is included in the admission.

May 09, 2013 · Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby: From Jazz Age to Baz Age
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Legendary Edmonton jazz pianist and ex-senator …