Administrative orders, regulations and appellate schedules.

In some instances, you may be able to ask the court to keep some or all information in a case private. There are several different ways to ask that the court limit public access to a case record, depending on your situation. See the following publications for detailed information on how to request access be limited.

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Notices of open meeting on Rules, proposed Rules changes, and Rules Orders.

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A member of the Federal Prosecution Service begin his/her career as federal prosecutor after passing a specific competitive civil service examination. When promoted, he/she becomes a regional federal prosecutor and then a deputy prosecutor general.

One of the principles guaranteed to the MPF by the Brazilian Constitution is that of functional independence. This means that each MPF member retains complete autonomy to exercise professional services on an individual basis. In this respect, members are not subject to orders from higher hierarchical levels within the MPF or any other governmental agency. Therefore, if several federal prosecutors bring a lawsuit simultaneously, they may take different positions and stances on the case.

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The Prosecution Service of the Union (MPU) in Brazil comprises the Federal Prosecution Service (MPF), Labour Prosecution Service, Military Prosecution Service, and Prosecution Service of the Federal District and territories. The MPU and the Prosecutions Services in all states form the Brazilian Prosecution System.

In Brazil, the Prosecution Service is not part of the Executive, Legislative or Judicial branches, being totally independent. It cannot be terminated and its duties cannot be transferred to other government agencies. Prosecutors have their independence guaranteed by the Brazilian Constitution. Therefore, they are subordinated to an authority for administrative purposes only, but each member of the Prosecution Service is free to act according to their conscience and convictions under the law.

The MPF acts on those federal matters regulated by the Constitution and federal laws whenever public interest is involved, by virtue of the parties or of the matter itself. It is also the MPF’s responsibility to ensure compliance with the laws in force in Brazil, including international agreements. Furthermore, the MPF acts as a guardian of democracy, ensuring respect for principles and rules that guarantee popular participation.

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The Commission shall examine the constitution of the state, hold public hearings, and file with the custodian of state records its proposal, if any, of a revision of the Florida constitution.

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The Judiciary recently revealed its Strategic Plan for 2018–2022. The Strategic Plan consists of a set of seven goals the Judiciary aims to accomplish over the next five years, with specific strategies corresponding to the implementation of each goal.

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The plan builds on the Judiciary’s previous Strategic Plan, which was released in 2009. Goals for the Strategic Plan include: providing fair and timely case resolution, ensuring access to justice, developing and supporting specialty courts, improving technology and court data systems, building a professional workforce, promoting community engagement, and renovating the Guma’ Hustisia, Centron Hustisia Rota, and Kotten Tinian. The 2018–2022 Northern Mariana Islands Judiciary’s Strategic Planning Booklet can be found by clicking on the link below:

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If you were convicted of one or more crimes from a specified list, you may ask the court to keep those records out of public view. To learn more, see .