: An Emperor penguin chick overheating on a hot spring day.

Emperor penguins are able to raise a chick each year by this strategy, though the rigorous conditions of life in the deep south mean that only 19% of chicks will survive their first year. King penguins on the other hand can expect an 80% first year survival rate, though their breeding strategy means that they rear 2 chicks every 3 years and the requirement for open water year-round restricts their range to sub-Antarctic islands.

: Emperor penguins withstanding a storm.

Habitat: The Emperor Penguin lives in colonies on pack ice in .

: A creche of emperor penguin chicks in early spring.

There are some differences between the populations on the several islands, while they live genetically isolated.
The king penguin was first described by Pennant in 1768.

King penguins breed in large colonies on several sub Antarctic islands.
Worth mentioning are the colonies on Crozet Island, Prince Edward Island, Kerguelen Island, South Georgia and Macquarie Island.
The total breeding population is estimated at one million pairs.
: stable, not in danger.
The breeding ground of the 2 subspecies are on the map marked with different colours: A.

: An exceptional picture of two emperor penguins mating.

This is the only colony in Antarctica located near a base, so most of the research ever done on Emperor penguins was done here (esp in ethology and physiology). Since 1986 no more tags are put on them, but those remaining are still controlled.

Diet: Emperor Penguins are carnivores (meat-eaters) who hunt in the sea.

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They begin their breeding cycle when other Antarctic penguins have finished theirs, at the end of April to May. Other smaller penguins at this time head north away from the encroaching winter while the Emperors head south into it. They seem to choose very dramatic sites, a large flat area where they can waddle when carrying their egg or chick on their feet surrounded by high ice cliffs or icebergs that help to give a little shelter from the winds.

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Emperor penguins breed almost exclusively on sea ice and so are perhaps the only species of bird that never sets foot on land.

Antarctic Penguins (Adelie and Emperor)

It is the living penguin and only in the Antarctic and only during the Antarctic winter.

Made famous by the documentary , Emperor penguins, far from being the monogamous and virtuous penguins as portrayed in the film (and latched onto by the Christian Right as the models for family values), have the highest divorce rate (85% from one year to the next) of any penguin species.

Without a nest to act as a meeting point for reunification for pairs – as occurs in many other species of penguins – and with pressure to get breeding according to the tight timetable to which they must adhere if they are to rear a chick to fledging size in the time available, Emperor penguins cannot afford to spend too much time during the courtship looking for their previous partner.

: Emperor penguins arriving in a single column in autumn, on a barely frozen ocean.

The Emperor Penguin, Aptenodytes forsteri, is the largest penguin

The first breeding colony wasn't discovered until 1902 by Lt. Reginald Skelton on Scott's 1901-04 Discovery Expedition some 130 years after the birds had first been seen on Captain Cook's second voyage. New colonies were still being discovered as late as 2009. Nowadays satellite imagery is used to find breeding emperor penguin colonies in remote regions.

: An Emperor penguin chick noisily requesting his dinner. Sound effect: female emperor penguin.

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: When the temperature is high, the penguins spread over the ice but always remain near each other. There are about 3000 breeding pairs in DdU's rookery, most of them with a chick. They are noisy and smelly !. Sound effect: male emperor penguin.

: Capture of an emperor penguin for biology studies on fat metabolism and cold weather adaptation.

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Almost all creatures are known to leave the area, except the Emperor penguins, because this is the only animal that spends the winter season breeding on the freezing ice.