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Hoffman-Boston Elementary School is the home of the All Stars, a global community that sets high student and staff expectations. It boasts a strong program of after-school choices for students and enjoys strong community and parent involvement.

The elementary physical education program for grades K-2 …

Notre Dame Elementary School is an independent co‐ed Catholic school for K‐8

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The Physical Educationcurriculumis based on the Physical Education Model Content Standard for California Public Schools. Instructional activities are fun and age appropriate.

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The responsibilities within Curriculum Development include identifying the goals and objectives of the instructional program for public schools. Curriculum Development personnel oversee development and introduction of specific curricula in all subject areas and recommend both print and non-print instructional resources. Recommending the purchase of equipment used to support the prescribed curriculum is also a responsibility. Subject specialists advise on instructional organization and program management. They work with school districts and others to establish a quality education program that develops the whole person.

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PE Central is a web site that provides information about developmentatally appropriate physical education practices and programs.

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