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(5). Herod died 15 days after the Lunar Eclipse on 9th JanuaryI BC. [It is just possible that it may have been the 29th DecemberI BC eclipse]. Christ was born before Herod died -perhaps 2 yearsbefore or 3/2 BC.

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When it comes out melt two pounds of butter in the gravy that comes from the hareand pour it hot in the pie through a tun-dish, close it up well, and let it be eight or ten days before you cut it.

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(6). Eighteen early Christian historians place Messiah's Birthin either (a). The 42nd year of the reign of Augustus (which beganin 44 BC) or (b). The 28th year of Augustus' Egyptian rule (whichbegan September 31 BC). (c) or 15 full years before Augustus diedon 19th August 14 AD.

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