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I have realised rather late that my own study (Gauntlett, 1997) in which children made videos about the environment, which were used as a way of understanding the discourses and perspectives on environmentalism which the children had acquired from the media, can be seen as falling broadly within this tradition.

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Parents can closely monitor their children's behavior, environment, and media use.

Violence in the Media and Entertainment (Position Paper)

between 1937-1999 had at least 1 form of violent act
45% of news stories printed are reporting some form of violence
Psychological effects of media violence on the behavior of children
Media violence can be shown through television, music lyrics, music videos, newspapers as well as video games.

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The first of these is that effects studies have generally taken for granted the definitions of media material, such as 'antisocial' and 'prosocial' programming, as well as characterisations of behaviour in the real world, such as 'antisocial' and 'prosocial' action.

The Impact of TV Violence on Children and Adolescents

I know that Violence seen on TV causes bad behavior on people. It teaches kids ect. To have no respect or caring for their fellow man or woman! MTV is one of the biggest venues of programming that air this Crap! I don’t know where adults minds are at to allow their kids to watch what they are allowed to view on a daily basis. There are other channels that Violence can he viewed as well so I cent blame mtv for all of it! We as parents have to take the responsibility of what our children are allowed to view, so it is up to us to straighten this mess out!

Domestic violence can have long-term effects on children

The TV and movie media is out of control in promoting violence, and video games are worst!! An example is “the Following” which shows an evil serial killer and his cult continually outsmarting law enforcement! Also, “The walking Dead”, with over-the-top gratuitous violence!!

on the effects of media violence on children.

Even today, expensive and avowedly 'scientific' content analyses such as the well-publicised US National Television Violence Study (Mediascope, 1996; run by the Universities of California, North Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin), for example, include odd tests such as whether violent acts are punished the same scene - a strange requirement for dramas - making it easier to support views such as that 'there are substantial risks of harmful effects from viewing violence throughout the television environment' (p.

Effects of Media Violence on Children

During early, middle, and late childhood children encode in memory social scripts to guide behavior though observation of family, peers, community, and mass media.

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Relevant key term:
to cause someone or something to react less to or be less affected by something or to cause them to be less sensitive
Children who constantly view violent media are more likely to be desensitized toward the pain and suffering of others.

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Children's natural fears may become intensified by watching violent TV shows and movies because they see the world as a dangerous place where violence is the solution to every problem.
Aggressive & Harmful Behavior
Young children are much easier to influence than adults because as children, one absorbs information like a sponge.