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Now, of course, that the exclusivism of Biblical Judaism has long been characteristic of both Christianity and Islâm, so that each excludes the other with equal vigor, it is harder to understand the mentality behind more syncretistic approaches to religion, such as survive in Japan, where people can be said to be "Born Shintô, Marry Christian, and Die Buddhist." However, Greek philosophy, with its emphasis on coherence and logical system, can be said to have cooperated with Judaism in the development of exclusivist domination in the Mediterranean world.

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Philosophy of history is the philosophical study of history and the past.

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That Philoponus fell short is then to be blamed, not on the reverence for authority by which we dismiss the curiosity or good faith of Mediaeval philosophers, but on the unpreparedness of the mind to leap further than he did, having already swept away much of the "junk of history" from Aristotle.

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Thus, the historian and polymath Michael Psellus (1017/18-1078/96), who provides us a vivid account of his own reading of Plato and the Neoplatonists, describes the realization of his own student, John Italus, that the Saracens have usurped the Classical heritage of the Romans:

Having made it his purpose to praise the wisdom of the Hellenes he regrets, with good reason, that aliens and barbarians have inherited the wealth of this wisdom, which does not belong to them, whereas the legitimate heirs of philosophy should be the successors.

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