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There is another reason to seek the high road to free energy and abundance: the zero-point field is an enigma; its , and nobody on the physical plane of existence may be allowed to regularly access it unless their intentions are pure, as a kind of fail-safe. Tapping into that virtually unlimited source of energy is perilous to those with base intentions. However, as Steven Greer has replied when given that caution, the worst elements of humanity . Amassing the world’s scarcest commodity, , to bring about an abundance-based reality is a paradox. That is part of the conundrum.

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The condition of scarcity in the real world necessitates competition for scarce ..

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So back to the term SCARCITY. Scarcity does not mean that only alittle of something is available. For example, I grew up innortheastern Minnesota . About 30 miles away from my hometown was thetown of Erskine, Minnesota. Just outside of town a certain type ofrock exists that occurs nowhere else in the world. They have named it"Erskinite". Erskinite is only found near Erskine, Minnesota and onlya little of it has ever been found. BUT IT IS NOT SCARCE. -- WHY? --

The New Economics of Water Scarcity and Variability

After teaching economics for a year or so, I bought a boat. SinceI defined economics as the study of why I didn't have a boat - I hada problem. But then I simply changed my definition slightly. Noweconomics is: the study of why Mark doesn't have a . . a . . .awhat?

That brings us to the third option for dealing with scarcity (andto the remaining 4

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All scarcity-based ideologies are rooted, to one degree or another, in economic scarcity, which in turn is based on energy scarcity. Experienced free energy activists are aware that abundant, free, environmentally harmless and forever renewable energy technology but is suppressed. If that , all scarcity-based ideologies can fade away, similar to how sexism and racism are. With dismaying frequency, people , often quite violently. They seem to be from the .

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Let's define Economic Growth as an increase in the ABILITY toproduce goods and services. This is not the way the term is normallydefined. Later this semester we'll discuss the various definitions ofEconomic Growth, but here we'll use this more fundamentaldefinition:

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If we only had more resources we could produce more goods andservices and satisfy more of our wants. This will reduce scarcity andgive us more satisfaction (more good and services). All societiestherefore try to achieve economic growth.

It’s the study of scarcity, the study of how people use resources and respond to incentives, or the study of decision-making.

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Societies can reduce scarcity not just by (1) getting moreresources, better resources, or better technology (i.e. ECONOMICGROWTH), or by (2) REDUCING ITS WANTS, but also by (3) USING ITSEXISTING RESOURCES WISELY

In a context of widespread economic growth, Pernambuco has done particularly well in recent years, similar to or above the ...

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We know that equity is good for society (it is one of the fiveEs). So equitable cannot mean the same as equal. But we can't measure"fairness". This is a problem for economists. But we can DESCRIBE theactual distribution of income and I will also try to explain howequity does help society achieve the maximum satisfaction possiblefrom its limited resources.

The term

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Since human wants are unlimited, and resources used to satisfythose wants are limited - there is scarcity. Even in the US, one ofthe richest countries in the world, there is scarcity -- if we useour new definition of SCARCITY. Do you have everything that you want?There is always scarcity, because human wants are unlimited.