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In most countries, GDP figures are released quarterly (every three months) while the unemployment rate is released monthly. Some economic indicators, such as the Dow Jones Index, are available immediately and change every minute.

The most recent Monthly Economic Indicators publication is the .

The Monthly Economic Indicators (MEI) publication is a stock-take of economic data releases.

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The unemployment rate is a lagged, countercyclical statistic. The level of civilian employment measures how many people are working so it is procyclic. Unlike the unemployment rate, it is a coincident economic indicator.

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The Gross Domestic Product is used to measure economic activity and thus is both procyclical and a coincident economic indicator. The Implicit Price Deflator is . Inflation is procyclical as it tends to rise during booms and falls during periods of economic weakness.

The Treasury will release the Monthly Economic Indicators March on Tuesday, 2 April 2018 at 2pm.

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To understand economic indicators, we must understand the ways in which economic indicators differ. There are three major attributes each economic indicator has:

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Nominal interest rates are influenced by inflation, so like inflation, they tend to be procyclical and a coincident economic indicator. Stock market returns are also procyclical but they are a leading indicator of economic performance.

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Governments generally try to stimulate and to do so they increase spending without raising taxes. This causes both government spending and government debt to rise during a recession, so they are countercyclical economic indicators. They tend to be coincident to .

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An economic indicator is simply any economic statistic, such as the unemployment rate, GDP, or , which indicate how well the economy is doing and how well the economy is going to do in the future. As shown in the article " " investors use all the information at their disposal to make decisions. If a set of economic indicators suggest that the economy is going to do better or worse in the future than they had previously expected, they may decide to change their investing strategy.

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Economic Indicators can be leading, lagging, or coincident which indicates the timing of their changes relative to how the economy as a whole changes.

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These measures are all measures of changes in the price level and thus measure inflation. Inflation is procyclical and a coincident economic indicator.

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Please Note: Economic Indicators, a monthly publication of the Division of Labor Market and Demographic Research, is no longer being produced. The economic indicators data including tables and graphs found in the Economic Indicators publication will still be available on a monthly basis. Current subscribers to Economic Indicators will receive an email notification when the data is released each month.