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Widely reported to be a staple for the native Americans and along with Helianthus tuberosus or Jerusalem Artichoke, instrumental in promoting early pilgrim’s survival in New England in the early colonial period.

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---popular recipes grouped by meal (breakfast, dinner, supper, entertainment) for modern kitchensIf you can't get to the books you can use the colonial/early American recipes linked from the .

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Textbooks on the colonial period of US history tend to be descriptive rather than analytical in their treatment of colonial war. and survey these conflicts with emphasis on the wars between British and French colonists and their Indian allies. provides context for the wars for maritime empire during the 17th century. views the colonial era from the Indian point of view. The final three volumes of , a massive history of France and England in North America, focus on warfare between the imperial rivals. Indian relations receive attention though the various groups are usually treated in their roles as allies of England and France. covers the colonial era in a cursory fashion. traces a century and a half of imperial rivalry that culminated in the French and Indian War. provides graduate students and nonspecialists with an excellent historiographical analysis of major works on the subject. differs from the narrative nature of most surveys. The authors survey three hundred years of American military history in arguing that war has been as essential an ingredient in the formation of American culture and the development of the US political system as it has in the nation’s rise to world power.

21/02/2018 · Early American furniture: Early American furniture, furniture made in the last half of the 17th century by American colonists

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Colonial America also had regional differences among culture or historical reason for establishment as a colony. The Southern Colonies were established as economic ventures and were seeking natural resources to provide material wealth to the mother country and themselves. In contrast, the early New England colonists were primarily religious reformers and separatists. They were seeking a new way of life to glorify God and for the greater good of their spiritual life. The Middle colonies welcomed people from various and diverse lifestyles. The social-political structure included all three varieties: villages, cities, and small farms.

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