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As an accident of birth, I was born white, an important difference between Cole and me. I have not mentioned his race up to now, but you knew he was black, didn’t you? Because that’s the familiar refrain in these instances. If white kids were gunned down in the same rates as black kids, the war on drugs would already be over. If Jeb Bush had to pay for his crimes in the same way that Cole did, the drug war would not have made it past the ‘70s.

An essay or paper on Drug Crime: The Consequences of Hypocrisy

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Prohibition led to a rise in crime, including violent forms such as murder. During the first year of Prohibition the number of crimes committed in 30 major cities in the U.S. increased 24%. Arrests for drunkenness and disorderly conduct increased 21%. Arrests for drunken driving jumped by 81%.

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Politicians, the creators of the War on Drugs and its seemingly greatest proponents, have been using illicit drugs since the dawn of this nation and continue to use drugs even after passing prohibition laws. There is a huge disparity in this nation in how we treat individuals who use, abuse, and sell drugs depending on whether they are white, black, wealthy and/or poor. If politicians truly perceived drugs to be “public enemy number one” as Nixon so boldly proclaimed at the advent of this terrible human rights travesty, perhaps the hypocrisy would not be so evident and the consequences of drug use and distribution would be without disparity.

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Drug enforcement officials often cite drug-related violence as a reason that drugs must be eliminated from our society, but it is actually the system of drug prohibition that causes much of the violence. Just as alcohol Prohibition fostered organized crime in the 1920s, drug prohibition empowers a dangerous illegal market throughout the United States and the world.

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While I do believe that recreational drug use and drug addictions are harmful to the emotional, mental, and spiritual health of the individuals who partake in them, I am unclear as to how recreational drug use is harmful to society. What I am very clear on is the extreme harm the War on Drugs is inflicting on society and the individuals the government is systematically locking up and seemingly forgetting about.

An essay or paper on Drug Crime: The Consequences of Hypocrisy. Drug Crime: The Consequences of Hypocrisy The Pharmacology …

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Aside from the obvious racial component, the war on drugs is a war on poor people. The latest example of targeting the poor is the idea of. There is nothing more disgusting than targeting people who have no power and cannot fight back. No one is proposing targeting people like Jeb Bush, because he has access to every benefit and break the planet has to offer. If I were made president tomorrow, I’d immediately release from prison any person convicted of a nonviolent drug crime, even dealers. The prosecution of these people has nothing to do with crime and everything to do with the class from where they originate.

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Marijuana legalization is an issue that has stayed with me through my political evolution from conservative to liberal. Even as a conservative, I could never understand the politics of pot. In high school, a few buddies smoked, just as did I on very rare occasions, but I never gave much thought to the social and legal repercussions until it almost cost me my military career. Like any and all war, the drug war features a parade of victims, unintended consequences and senseless tragedy.

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The effects of were far from what temperance activists promised. They insisted it would usher in a richer, healthier, safer, more moral society with less crime and violence.