Unlike the drafters of the U.S.

The Constitution provides for three branches of government, namely the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. The executive branch consists of the President, the Prime Minister and Ministers. The President is elected by popular vote for a term of five years and can be re-elected for a further term of five years.

– How many days were spent for considering the Draft Constitution? –

The second constitution, drafted in 1846, was the instrument by which Iowa became a state.

– Who was Chairman of the Drafting Committee? –

Exit Ticket
In your small groups analyze the following excerpts:
What do the following comments tell you about the differences of opinion among the framers concerning the constitution they had developed?

What were some problems they thought might arise in getting it approved?
"...every member [of the convention] should sign.

– Who were the initial members of the Drafting Committee? –

Except for members of the Judiciary who are appointed, all members of the legislative and executive branches are elected. The Constitution provides for regular presidential and national assembly elections, regional council elections and local authority elections.

looked to European governments and political philosophers in drafting the federal constitution.

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After some of the states realized that the Articles of Confederation did not adequately resolve the national and international issues that the United States was facing....

Task of preparing draft of new constitution

Under the Articles of Confederation, the National Government did not have the power to tax citizens for military reasons, draft citizens for the military, or create a common monetary system.

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When Iowa's drafters met, they had as models the federal constitution and the constitutions of previously admitted states plus the numerous territorial governments established by Congress.

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Constitution, the Iowa drafters were not trying to create a new form of government but only a variation of the existing form which would be relevant to Iowas experience.

The process of drafting the Constitution started on May 25th of 1787....

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This is why the subject of my research is, "To what extent did the Japanese Constitution result in greater freedom and increased rights for Japanese women in the mid twentieth century?" The scope of this research is valuable because it examines the development of feminism in Japan, which empowered women and explains the development of equal rights....

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The Constitution of Australia serves great importance to the Australian political system, by setting forth the manner in which our courts, parliaments and cabinets operate within the Australian policy....

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(1) Thomas Paine A constitution is the system of laws, customs and conventions which define the composition and power of organs of the state, and regulate the relations of the various state organs to one another and to the private citizen....