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We welcome international students from all over the world, we hope you will find a new home in our dorm and enjoy the house mates who came to study and explore Los Angeles. We make it simple and secure. it’s feel like summer camp without coach.

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Your dorm room has to serve multiple functions as a bedroom, lounge, and study zone

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is perfect for short- term and long- term international students who are looking for comfortable place to live in while studying and exploring Los Angeles. All our rooms are ready to move in, furnished and equipped with things the students need.

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Staying in a dorm room with strangers can be a lot of fun, make new friends and more experience. Anyway, we have a room for who don’t want to share a dorm room with the opposite sex.

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Don’t forget about storing your food. Remember to check with your dormitory polices on cooking food in your room though. Some have a common dorm kitchen and prohibit cooking in the dorm rooms themselves to reduce the chance of pest infestation. Although cooking food in your dorm room might be against the rules, nearly all dorms allow you to store your food in your room.

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If your dorm allows it, and you have enough ceiling height, a loft bed is definitely the way to go. Along with adding more storage space, a loft bed will significantly increase your living space. The added space can become anything you can imagine. Set it up for a study area by adding a desk, chair, and shelving. Or, put together a quaint lounge area with a chair or loveseat, media center, and bookcase. You can even make it into a functional kitchen by adding a mini fridge, toaster oven, and small table and chair.

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Well now that you’ve got a bazillion ideas to work with, I’ll let you get to it. Have fun setting up your new dorm room but don’t forget to study!

Dorm Room Tip: Elevate your bed and use the space underneath for a lounge or study area.

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A small downside to dorm living is that there isn’t much privacy. There are some tricks to adding privacy to a shared room though. For instance, take advantage of the furniture layout. Try arranging your beds foot to foot with a dresser, bookcase, or armoire in between. Also, try a folding room divider.

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Add a Canopy. Hanging some fabric around your bed will not only add privacy, but will add an elegant décor to the room. You can buy premade canopies, but this will be more expensive than the DIY route. Simply hanging some fabric from the ceiling will work fine, but make sure that your dormitory allows installation of fasteners. If they do not, then try some adhesive style hangers. These types have an adhesive backing so they won’t damage walls or ceilings, but they’re not as strong as hook screws.

It needs to be a bedroom, a living room, a study and have lots of storage space

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Mini fridges are awesome. They are just perfect for storing your drinks, snacks, and produce. You’ll have extra time to study if you’re not running out of your room every few hours to grab a bite. And it provides more area to display things like notes, pictures or decoration. Don’t forget to get a mini fridge with a freezer, ice is nice!