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It doesn’t matter what breed of dog, they can all become aggressive with the wrong handling. It is the owner that gives a breed the bad name. Example..Pitbull,what do the bad people use them for? A bad dog is never born, it is the human being that makes it bad!! I am with the SPCA and have seen every breed and there are aggressive individuals in every one of them, but you read their background and you can see why! There are very aggressive cats because they were abused and tortured, by guess who…humans. WE are the most aggressive animal and should always be listed as NO.1.

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I just want to say to those of you who think that pits are not wonderful pets, its only because you are uneducated about the breed. The pitbull is also know as the nanny dog. Did you know that? Also I grew up with a pit and he never was aggressive ever. I personally own pits and they are the greatest dogs, a super dog if you will. I also own a Rotti and a basset hound and none of my dogs are aggressive. I personally have been bit by a Daschund, a poodle, and a chichuaua. Little dogs are the number one biters and the only reason no one picks on these dogs is because no one reports it. I have 4 kids and the all play with my pits and that are super great with them. I even have a pit who loves kitties and also my chinchilla. So until you know more about the pitbull you should keep your mouth shut. They are a misunderstood breed due to the media blowing it out of proportion. Also by the way most dogs will chase cats and try to eat them, duh, cause they are dogs. Ban BSL!

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I used to be one of the first ones to say the only good pit is a dead one. I would read about all the bad things they did and was afraid of them. My husband talked me into looking at a litter to possibly get one. I absolutely fell in love with a fat little girl pup, who is almost 3 now. She is the kindest and sweetest dog ive ever owned. She sleeps with her cats and loves kids! I now own four pitties and love all my gentle babies! Its not the breed that we should punish, but the bad owners should be! You can make any dog the way you want it to be

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Dogs and cats both must overcome the force of gravity keeping a liquid in a dish in order to get it into their mouths. Some animals, like both humans and horses, have large cheeks and so can easily form a seal with a horizontal body of water and suck up a nice, cool drink.

Read more about these studies below, and don’t miss the article “Dogs Do Drink Like Cats After All” – it shows an X-ray film of a dog drinking!

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OMG, it has nothing to do with the breed of dog and all your stupid stories about your personal experience… It’s how a dog is raised. Of course there is always the exception to the rule.

The video evidence is in and it looks like both dogs and cats use the same mechanism to lap up liquids.

So here is why dogs rule and cats drool: 1.

I have 2 pit bulls, a black lab, a siberian husky, a catahula leapard and a bishon frize. We are all one big happy family, but the 8 pound bishon rules the pack…hands down. She is the only one who has snapped at me and the other dogs! I believe with my whole heart, not everyone should be allowed to own a dog. I hate to see some idiot walking his dog with 20 pounds of heavy chain around his neck…or too skinny. People need to be treated and judged according to how they care for their pets!! SICK OF STUPID PET OWNERS!!

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While I don’t know if any of the cats were drooling in the photos, I do know when comparing the number of cat pictures to dog pictures in Nebraska Memories that dogs definitely rule. There are only 11 photos of cats in the collection compared to 70+ photos that contain at least one dog. To be fair in a number of the photos the dog is not the center of attention and is just part of the crowd. This is true in this 1927? photo of a group of men and a dog standing in front of the in Valley, NE. In the description of the photo, you will find the names of all of the men, but the dog will forever be nameless.