What is the sequence of events in the criminal justice system?

Again, my experience in reading primed me to accept what science uncorrupted by commercial considerations has discovered. Seth stated that our vaccines are not a genuine disease, and injecting them into the body confuses it. Our medical systems ultimately create as much disease as they “cure.” Seth stated that epidemic diseases are more psychic in nature than anything else. Every soul leaves earth when it is ready, and mass death events are to some extent a mass protest by the participants to the times they live in. Seth said that with epidemic disease:

How do Alabama parole board members decide whom …

How do Alabama parole board members decide whom to ..

How Montana's Probation and Parole System Works

The early attempts to curb Catharism were largely restricted to counter-preaching, and Dominic led the effort to bring the Languedoc citizens back to the fold. He had little success, and Pope Innocent III crafted an effective solution. In businessmen’s parlance, it consisted of putting cement shoes on the competition while marketing an ersatz version of their product. Innocent called a Crusade on Languedoc and simultaneously sanctioned the mendicant orders, the Dominicans and Franciscans, who imitated the austere practices of the Cathars. The Albigensian Crusade was waged over decades and completely depopulated parts of France and killed about one million people. The Cathar threat to the Catholic Church’s monopoly was wiped out in a prodigious bloodbath, and the Church enjoyed another three centuries of religious racketeering, until Martin Luther came along. The became the Inquisition’s foot soldiers, enforcing the faith with the rack, hot tongs, and flaming stakes.

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An Englishman, Simmons settled in the Midwest in 1870 and began a journalism career. After several years as editor of the , Simmons opened a medical practice, advertising that he specialized in homeopathy and the "diseases of women." He apparently was an abortionist when the AMA was campaigning to ban abortion. Simmons advertised that he received his training and diploma at Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, Ireland. That hospital never issued diplomas. There is no evidence that Simmons ever received any medical training. Simmons then got a diploma from Rush Medical School. There is no evidence that Simmons ever set foot on the medical school campus. He apparently received a mail order degree. Simmons appears to have been the classic "quack." However, Simmons was ambitious and resourceful. He organized a Nebraska chapter of the AMA. In 1899, he was invited to Chicago to take over the editorship of . Simmons saw that the AMA was not properly seizing its opportunities. He quickly named himself the AMA’s secretary and general manager. Simmons then found a capable assistant, a man who had been arrested for embezzlement as the Secretary of the Kentucky Board of Health, who may have bought his way to a pardon, and was then encouraged to leave the state. He became Simmons's right hand man.

What is the difference between probation and parole

Today’s cancer treatment paradigm attacks the tumor as a way to eradicate cancer. What did the great doctors of history have to say about attacking cancer tumors? From I obtained these quotes:


Béchamp and Estor were discovering a dynamic that has profound implications for today's medicine. They set forth a theory known today as pleomorphism. What it meant was this: one day a microbiologist looks through his microscope, seeing a rod-shaped bacterium; the next day he sees a spherical-shaped bacterium; with his microbiology training, based in large measure upon Pasteur's germ theory of disease, those bacteria are considered separate species; according to pleomorphic theory, that rod-shaped bacterium one day and spherical-shaped bacterium the next is the same organism, but has "mutated."


The racketeering impulse has been with Western medicine for many years and is deeply embedded today. The rise of the Western medical paradigm coincided with the rise of the corporation and new kinds of empires. The reason that American medical doctors are the highest-paid professionals on Earth is not because they perform valuable work. They are technicians in what is arguably the West's greatest racket, in which the power of life and death is in the hands of the world's most lucrative professions and industries. The fact that only violent methods of cancer treatment are legal is no accident. Here are two quotes from .