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Not to mention that the alternative is completely flawed: If the world’s population got smaller, the services and goods that you enjoy would still have to be manufactured. What about all of the sweat shop people working for pennies so that you can manage to afford clothes and cable? What then? There wouldn’t be enough people to support your lifestyle UNLESS technology was advanced enough that machines could do everything…hm…who is going to invent that precious technology? And how are those machines going to get manufactured without using resources??? It sounds like the futuristic model that you want to live in will be completely dependent on scare resources and you traded human lives to get there.

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"Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus have a sword fight."

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People don’t need kids, the point of the article having it all without having kids is that people who don’t want kids shouldn’t be harassed by people telling them what they do and don’t need in life, every reason you listed shows me you’re really just trying to find any good in it to convince yourself you made the right decision, you have kids, not a car, quit trying to sell us that this is a good idea, not everyone wants to be a parent

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You can’t honestly believe that EVERYTHING in this world happens because of some divine power. Even if you believe you are a conduit of divine inspiration, you have a unique character that drives decisions you make. Don’t tell me that the divine put words on paper. You may have been inspired but YOU wrote it. YOU choose particular words to use. In particular, YOU wrote about things that had nothing to do with the heavenly. Why?

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If you’re an American, you should be thankful for your soldiers! Soldiers have given food, built homes, built systems to provide citizens with clean water, the medics provide free medical care for third world countries… you can disrespect soldiers all you want, but if you’re an American, be thankful that they fight for your right to talk shit. You’re a fucking moron, Christianity has caused more turmoil and harm than American soldiers all over the world. Your Holy book is full of rape, murder, incest, mutilation, cannibalism, torture, slavery and so much more, all with the consent of your benevolent “loving” God! My husband does more good for the world than your precious little book. So fuck you, fuck your religion, and shove your book up your ass.

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I have a genius IQ, an invitation to Mensa, and several children. IQ has nothing to do with the calling to be a parent. And it is a calling, a vocation, if you will. Which is why I disagree with the OP, not everyone should have children. Many are not capable of being parents, including many who have children. I see a direct correlation between the cheapening of human life through abortion and contraception, and the number of people who engage in extramarital affairs and create children they have no apparent desire to parent. Though there are sacramentally married couples who fail in their parenting obligations, the great majority of people I see who have children but fail to parent them have never been married.