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As a foreigner I remember the irregular verbs like this, because we HAD to learn them and were tested on our knowledge. Perhaps that is what teachers don’t do anymore…

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I’m a middle aged man so my frame of reference is different than that of some younger guys, but trust me when I say that however tempting stacking the deck might be, the pot is sweeter when you play it straight. The girl who captivated you in a dozen ways in the first week of knowing her will be a lot more fun to romp in the sack with when the sexual aspects of all those dazzling quantities are engaged than when she’s drifting in and out of awareness like a dying fish.

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However, I DO see what they approach and gawk at. Generally, this would be cheap, desperate, gaudy looking women with fake hair, fake nails, fake etyelashes, kabuki theater make up, and stank stuck up attitudes. I know a chick that gets more men than a little bit, and you should see her trashy look. It’s amazing. Literally crazy making shit. Then, when it all inevitably falls apart, the man goes online to rail against “ALL women” because of what they attracted and what they were attracted to. LOL.

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On a separate but related train of thought, there’s a danger of logical inconsistency in aiming all the fear and blame toward women. Citing your own argument, if women indeed lose all their inherent value in your eyes as they age, how is it that WE as men should be the ones who fear losing them? Surely you would acknowledge that there’s just as much risk of the man leaving the “old, ugly, fat” woman to die alone, no? If this is all about the financial side of things, believe me when I tell you after ten years of doing what I do that divorced men almost invariably more financially liquid than divorced women are, and it’s about 50/50 with regard to who leaves who.

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Why we should be the ones fearing of them leaving even though they become “worthless”? You told yourself – mostly (but not exclusivelly) monetary side of things. It is men who lose the house that they have to pay mortgage to. It is men who tend to lose their cars. It is men who pay the child support most often. It is men who pay over 90% of all alimony payments. You state that men tend to be better off after marriage compared to women. I would disagree with that. My experience from my divorces guys and colleages shows that the ex-wife tends to have more disposable money in comparison to the husband. Out of 9 or 10 divorced guys I know only 1 seems to be better off financially than his ex. Also, another thing is important to compare when we talk about financial matters: the loss of income and wealth that the man experiences – compare the income and wealth before the divorce and after. The quality of life – at least for men it is dramatically lower, speaking financially. The man often is unable to live in his house. He loses a significant amount of income in alimony and/or child support. So, yea, the financial side of things matter and I don’t think after divorce women are worse off financially.

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Everything changed with the end of machismo and the empowerment of women. (the latter of which I think is a god thing, while the former, I don’t see as a good thing) North American society (not including Mexico) has eliminated the “predator vs. prey” mentality from men’s programming. So men are now confused and as a result many women feel undesirable and unwanted. But trust me all you women out there, you still are as beautiful as ever and very much desirable. Men just don’t know how they can legally let you know it.

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I know I have previously made many of those mistakes. However these days I know most of those rules (although #3 and #5 I need to work on) as well as the ones from your previous post. What I really need to do is learn the proper use of the punctuation marks, as I am still rather confused by semicolons, and EM dashes.

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I do believe this is a particularly dire state of affairs for us as men, however. The reaction in kind to hateful women undermines our position as leaders, and even the good women are merely following that leadership. Unfortunately the #MGTOW crowd doesn’t want to acknowledge that, let alone even give it a try.