Brain cancer is up25% since cell phones became popular.

Michael Repacholi and his colleagues from the RoyalAdelaide Hospital in South Australia reported that long-term exposureto the type of radiation that comes from digital cell phones caused anincrease in the occurrence of lymphoma in mice.

Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer

Expert Panel: Cell Phones Might Cause Brain Cancer

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The studies listed in this paper show very weak ties between the developments of cancer and the use of cell phones; in other words, the evidence remains inconclusive and inconsistent. While cell phones do emit RF radiation that can cause cancer, the concluding factor is that it does not emit strong enough rays to really have a profound affect on users. The only problem with the cellphone case studies is that cell phones continue to evolve as new improvements are made, meaning that many believe it is important to continue to put money into these studies at this technology develops and users continue to use their mobile devices for longer periods of time. [3]

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For now, there is strong evidence supporting the conclusion that cell phone use does not pose such a risk; however, we do know that if the exposure to these types of radiations are high enough, like in x-rays or UV rays, cancer cells are at a higher possibility of forming. Therefore, as previously stated, in the future, this may pose more of a problem, but as of now, the emitting of cell phone radiation is the least of concerns in the development of malignant and even benign tumors.

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First, many statistical analyses have showed that long-term cell phone use and certain types of brain tumors do in fact have a relationship, and that is it does elevate a person's risk of developing a tumor on the side of the brain that the phone is used, but it is not important to include the statistics. However, Fig. 1 is just one example of ways researchers, doctors, and scientists have tried to prove that they do in fact cause negative health affects. What this source tries to correctly show is the way the tissue is heated after cell phone use. But it fails to explain to what extent there are "negative health effects". It also fails to provide any evidence that there even are effects in the first place because of lack of explanation of the colors. Therefore, we can conclude and infer this as one of the weaker examples that negative health effects do occur, for this "alleged" heating has no strong support or argument. This is the type of argument this paper aims to point out, disprove, and push back against because it does not provide accuracy, scientific developments, or evidence of these claims. Moreover, I am in agreement with these scientific studies that do in fact push back against these arguments.

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The World Health Organization’s 10-year study of human use of mobile phones concluded there is an increased risk for malignant brain tumors among the heavier mobile phone users, particularly where it is used mostly on one side of the head. The 2010 Interphone mega-study of cancer in humans using mobile phones found higher cancer risk, but at that time there was little animal testing to support the risks identified in humans. Now, this NTP study has shown statistically significant risks with a dose-response relationship to the amount of exposure. It proves that non-ionizing radiation can plausibly cause cancer, not just ionizing radiation like x-rays and puts to rest the traditional scientific argument that cell phone radiation can’t do harm.

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Further evidence suggests the same: the American Health Foundation and the National Cancer society came out with two case-controlled studies that found no association, meaning that the radiation emitted by cell phones is in fact too low to pose any sort of cancer risk. [3] Scientists questioned human individuals as to what extent they use their hand-held cell phone and when they began using it did this study. Once again, this evidence was unconvincing because of the continued changes in cellular devices as time goes on.

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Dr. Bucher said the animals’ exposure was about the same as for people who are heavy users of cell phones. He also confirmed that the exposure of 1.5 W/Kg is lower than currently allowed under FCC public safety limits. Testing on rats is standard in predicting human cancers.