British Muslims are not part of some rich tapestry of urban life

More and more British people are viewing Muslims as a ‘threat’ and this increases with every incident that occurs across Europe and Britain. For example the London Bombings (2005), Glasgow Airport terminal attacks in (2007), Woolwich (2013), and also the Charlie Hebdo (2015) shootings, all of which aggravate anti-Islamic behavior and rhetoric. As soon as British Muslims pass one test, another challenge awaits them. Enoch Powell’s controversial speech “Rivers of Blood” presented British Muslims as a future threat and now his sentiments have become a reality in contemporary Britain.

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Its better than nothing. But its an admission the European milticultural model is a failure. If it really worked, Muslims would have become Britons and there would be no need for today’s news conference.

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PlEASE allow me AS A British citizen to comment on this article. True, Cameron has made a big issue of this, but do not be fooled by it. YES we DO need some tough immigration controls and these SOUND OK, but hat is all they will be – a soundbite for the most spineless u turning politician we have ever had ! He has no intention of implementing all this, as he knows his PUPPETMASTERS in BRUSSELS will not let him, it goes AGAINST EU POLICY AND HE KNOWS THIS – THIS WILL BE HIS EXCUSE, THAT THE EU WILL NOT LET HIM ! He has not acted on ANY of his election promises, he was elected on FRAUD. He is happy though to spout off on this as it detracts from the REAL issues of us wanting a referendum on leaving the EU (which was an election promise). This latest speech is more smoke and mirrors to confuse the sheeple into thinking he will do something – check back in 4 months, there will be no action taken on this at all.

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In the wake of the Brexit vote and particularly the recent tragic incident in London, once again calls are being made for Muslims to go back home are increasingly being heard at different platforms, particularly amongst the right-wing politicians and hate-filled individuals across America and Europe. Muslims are now deemed to be a grave threat. Given the evolving political and geographical circumstances, although it is an uncomfortable idea, it is becoming more and more likely that many British Muslims will have to leave Britain in the face of growing intolerance or at least will be forced to adopt secular values in post-Brexit Britain.

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The problem here are the Chinese/Mexican Immigrants that are over running our public service systems. I personally don’t know that many Muslims that live here – the vast majority I see here tend to be doctors – My hospital list looks very foreign. But again aside from their culture we haven’t had much trouble with them – it’s the illegals from south of the border ad the Chinese that draining our tax system – I think we need to scrap the immediate citizenship for people born here and limit immigration back to mainly western European nations.

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On a more serious note, there is rising hostility towards mosques and accusations that the majority of British Muslims want to establish Sharia courts. Media stories connected to forced marriages, child sex-grooming, social benefit frauds, and all sorts of social ills related to British Muslims are continually presented in the media and further make them “outsiders” and “incompatible” with British values.

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The sequence of events in the past decade or so have raised the Islamophobia thermometer to a boiling point. First it was Jack Straw’s comments on the hijab in 2006 that sparked anger and fear among the public and polarized views about the wearing of the veil. After the veil debate had calmed down in the media, Rowan Williams so called controversial remarks over the application of Sharia Law in Britain set Britain back in terms of its Muslim-British integration.

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With a gazillion Muslim immigrants who refuse to Westernize and adapt to British society; with a gazillion Muslim immigrants and their anchor baby kids who openly support Islamic terrorism and extremism (not to mention, a number of them participating in terrorist plots against the UK); and with a gazillion Muslim immigrants who have significant numbers on the United Kingdom welfare rolls, Prime Minister David Cameron, today, . It’s too little, too late, but we should take note. It’s quite easy for America’s Muslim immigrants to bring their families here, too. And we are only a decade or two (if that) behind Great Britain in Muslim critical mass in the population and the ever-increasing problems that brings.