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The teaching method that I provide is of the higheststandard and stems from the Russian School of piano playing whichhas a strong focus on musicality first and foremost, combinedwith a solid technical grounding.

Learn to play the piano with the Simply Music Method ..

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Always updating and upgrading herprofessional skills and methods, she is capable of teachingstudents of all ages, all levels and all syllabi, with enthusiasmand patience.

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National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities provides a basic fact sheet on ADHD, with tips for parents and teachers. Symptoms and treatment of ADHD are discussed.

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He also teaches the new AMEBcontemporary
keyboard and MusicCraft courses.

Whether you are interested in a rigorous approach to the greatpiano
literature, improvising jazz, pop and rock on the keyboard, orsomething
in between, Paul has the the experience and the flexibility tohelp you reach
your musical goals.

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Attention deficit disorder symptoms often interfere with classroom expectations and impact nearly all of the child's activities and interactions. But educators have developed methods and strategies that have proven successful with children with ADD. Learn some specific teaching strategies that both challenge children with ADD by presenting then with interesting activities designed to improve behavior and learning, while simultaneously providing them the support they require.

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