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The following resources present research and literature differentiating among physical discipline, corporal punishment, and physical child abuse.

How to Discipline a Child According to Age (with Pictures)

A child should never be disciplined physically to the extent that it causes actual physical damage.

How to Discipline Your School-Age Children

According to the Bible, though, the appropriate and restrained physical discipline of children is a good thing and contributes to the well-being and correct upbringing of the child.

Many Scriptures do in fact promote physical discipline.

Discipling Children | Revival Fire For Kids

The Bible strongly stresses the importance of discipline; it is something we must all have in order to be productive people, and it is much more easily learned when we are young.

This verse outlines the consequences of not disciplining a child—the parents are disgraced.
Some parents find that their children do not respond well to physical discipline.

Disciplining Children - Christian Parents Network

Coercive giving is practiced, wide-scale. Of course there are may sincere and generous disciples who love to give, but the fact remains, our entire scheme for collecting the contribution is not based on the heart, or about love offerings, or true concern about the spiritual impact our system of 'getting' has on the rank and file Christian.

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While the Bible undeniably advocates physical discipline, the Bible is more concerned with the goal of building godly character than it is in the precise method used to produce that goal.

Making this issue even more difficult is the fact that governments are beginning to classify all manner of physical discipline as child abuse.

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