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Mabon a mythical Welsh (Chaldean/Culdee) Saint in Arthur's War Band comes from Maponos "Great Son"; the Mother-Son pair with Dea Matronis "Great Mother" aka Cybele, her son Attis aka Dionysus born at Christmas.

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So what is the something else here? The something else is the myths. So Jesus is a fictitious person. How do you know? I know because I have these other myths. What does the evidence of myths from the past, even prior to the time of Christ that sound like Christ, have to do with whether Jesus is a historical person? Here’s the answer: absolutely nothing. Those myths are unrelated to the question of whether Jesus’ story is true. Those myths are only valuable if you first determine that Jesus is a fiction by looking at the primary source historical documentation. If you look at the historical record and decide that it is unreliable, if you first conclude that there is no good reason to believe that Jesus of Nazareth existed the way the Biblical records say He did, then it might then, and only then be useful to ask the question: How did this story come to be?

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Mithras is an individual in one of these mystery religions. The claim is that Mithras was born of a virgin and that’s a parallel with Jesus, but not even the mythical Mithras was born of a virgin. Mithras was born out of a rock so there is no parallel there. The challengers claim Mithras was born on December 25th, but Jesus wasn’t born on that date. There is no biblical or Christian claim that Jesus was actually born on this date. We simply celebrate His birth on that date.

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Nevertheless, as usual, this stuff about the snacking habits of Attis' devotees comes from Christian writers -- and at best would reflect the sort of communal meal all ancient societies practiced (being that bread and wine were the key ancient staples).

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On the side, it is worth noting that this part of the Attis legend tends to confirm that the parallels to Christian practice and belief were late add-ons.

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By this it appears, that if the followers of Christ do not show love one to another, they give cause to suspect their sincerity.

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the fact that the church made up a date for the birth of “christ” proves that the story of christ is to made up. The story is just plagirism of other beliefs before the so called jesus lived. the fact there was no “j” in the hebrew language is another big mistake the creaters of the bible made. not to mention the face that jews in that time held no power in rome and could not bring a man to trial convict or kill a man. plus blashphamy was not punishiable by death. the story was wrote close to 150 years after the death of the man called jesus

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In light of this, and the new rivalry of Christianity, it makes sense that the Attis cult would try to liven up the membership drives by absorbing the best parts of Christian belief.

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Another look: Alpha Leo "Regulus" means "Law giver" or "King Star"; Jesus is Shiloh (He whose it is Gen 49:10) and Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem Gen 14:18); in conjunction with Venus (Eosphorus-Phosphorus, the Evening-Morning Star or Lucifer; Arab Al Uzza) precisely at the "Christ Angle" 26.3 degrees.