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Most governments include aquaculture under fishery sector despitethe productive phase of aquaculture being more skin to agriculture(e.g. manuring and fertilizing practices). For reasons already statedearlier, the positive role aquaculture plays in contributing to nationalwealth, resource utilization and production of protective protein food,aquaculture is on way to occupying a position of its own in manycountries. Once the economic viability of aquaculture in respect ofscores of species and multiplicity of systems is fully established everywhere, as it is bound to happen in due course of time, aquaculture willlead to “aquaplosion” (Jhingran, 1982).

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Notwithstanding differences in the physioco-chemical characteristicsof its habitats (viz. fresh water, brackish water and sea water) aquaculturesystems are of several kinds. Most of the systems are highlyvariable in mannitude and intensity ranging to serve as one-family unitsor large scale commercial enterprises. The different kinds of aquacultureare:

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Not only are the species different from those cultured infreshwater ponds but the principle of operation of brackishwater pondsis different from those of freshwater ponds. Here the pond or thefarm is essentially located on a tidal creek or stream and there isa system of sluices to control the ingress and egress of water intoand from the ponds. Examples are: Milkfish farms in Philippines,Taiwan, Indonesia etc. Brackish water fish farming is a fast growingscience. Here also there is competition with other land use agencies,especially forestry, but the extent of competition with agriculture isrelatively less because coastal land is generally not suitable foragriculture. The ARAC farm at Buguma is tidally fed and the salinityrange is 5 – 21 ppt.

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Having defined aquaculture and mentioned some of the reasons whichhave contributed to imparting a fillip to aquaculture in recent times,it is proper to state the objectives of aquaculture. These are:


Increasing prices and even the availability of fish meal, which,as stated earlier, is the ingredient of most fish-feeds. Thisis linked with the Peruvian Anchovy crisis, which, apartfrom aquaculture, adversely hit agriculture, through scarcity ofguano and fertilizer, and poultry industry through scarcity offish meal. This has led to search for cheaper protein substitutesin fish feeds and spurt of research activity in that directionin different countries.

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Comparisons on cost of production of the three intensive methodsof aquaculture, cages, raceways and enclosures, reveal no importantdifference. Therefore, factors other than costs of production aremore important in order to c hoose the system. Initial capital requiredand labour costs are of importance. If capital is available and labouris expensive, raceways should be used; if little capital is availableand labour moderately inexpensive, cages should be used; and if capitalavailable is moderate and labour least expensive, the situation is bestsuited for enclosures. In situations where there is highly productiveshallow water and inexpe nsive labour, extensive culture in enclosureis advisable.

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The QI Roadmap is not a prescription for developing a culture of QI but rather a general guide to provide direction and identify a non-exhaustive list of tangible strategies and resources for building a culture of QI. Each LHD is different and is beginning with its own organizational culture and challenges, which must be honored and respected during the change process to ensure smooth and successful movement along the Roadmap. At any given time, an LHD may find characteristics or transition strategies in multiple phases applicable. Rather than implementing all strategies within each phase, LHDs are encouraged to use the most appropriate transition strategies based on what it has already accomplished.

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Breaking down six foundational elements into manageable pieces, the Roadmap to a Culture of Quality (the Roadmap) presents organizational characteristics and transition strategies within six phases on a continuum to creating a culture of quality.