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A Tree of Life in various religious interpretations, within myths, and as a mystical concept represents the interconnectedness of all life on our beautiful planet. The Tree of Life connects all forms of creation

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The Laozi should be recognized as a seminal work. It isprofoundly insightful; but it is the task of the interpreter to workout the full implications of its often provocative insight. It seemsreasonable to assume that while the Laozi has something newto offer, it nonetheless shares certain background ideas andassumptions with other early Chinese philosophical texts. As such, thecosmological interpretation should be given dueconsideration. However, in bringing into view the nothingness of Daoand the order of ziran, the Laozi invites reflectionon the very core of being beyond any cosmological assumptions. Whilethe production of meaning is context dependent, new horizons do emergefrom great works of philosophy. The two lines of interpretationoutlined here have different ethical implications regarding the natureof the ideal sage, but neither can be said to have transgressed thehermeneutic boundaries of the Daodejing. The suggestion thatthey both arise from the Laozi is not a matter ofequivocation but an acknowledgement of its hermeneutical depth.

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In sum, any interpretation of the current Laozi as a wholemust take into account (a) the “nothingness” of Dao and(b) the way in which wuwei and ziran provide a guideto the good life.

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Life is full of color and like so many other things on your path, color also has meaning

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It is useful to recall the late Zhou context, where disorder marchedon every front. The Laozi, one assumes, is not indifferent tothe forces of disintegration tearing the country asunder, although theremedy it proposes is subject to interpretation. The problems ofpolitical decline are traced to excessive desire, a violationof ziran. Naturalness encompasses basic human needs, ofcourse, but these are to be distinguished from desire that fuels andinflates self-gratification, which knows no end. Nonaction entails atthe personal level simplicity and quietude, which naturally followfrom having few desires. At the political level, the Laozicondemns aggressive measures such as war (ch. 30), cruel punishment(ch. 74), and heavy taxation (ch. 75), which reflect but theruler's own desire for wealth and power. If the ruler could ridhimself of desire, the Laozi boldly declares, the world wouldbe at peace of its own accord (chs. 37, 57).

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Polysemy challenges the assertion that the “intended”meaning of the Laozi can be recovered fully. But, it isimportant to emphasize, it does not follow that context isunimportant, that parameters do not exist, or that there are no checksagainst particular interpretations. While hermeneutic reconstructionremains an open process, it cannot disregard the rules ofevidence. Questions of provenance, textual variants, as well as theentire tradition of commentaries and modern scholarship are importantfor this reason. And it is for this same reason that the presentarticle leaves the discussion of the Laozi itself till theend. The following presents some of the main concepts and symbols inthe Laozi based on the current text, focusing on the keyconceptual cluster of Dao, de (virtue), ziran(naturalness), and wuwei (nonaction). I propose that the tworeadings represented by the Heshanggong and Wang Bi commentaries bothbring out important insight from the Laozi.

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Much remains uncertain, although I will venture an opinion in the nextsection. It may be argued that date and authorship are immaterial toand may detract from interpretation. The “truth” ofthe Laozi is “timeless,” according to this view,transcending historical and cultural specificities. Issues ofprovenance are important, however, if context has any role to play inthe production of meaning.