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It sounds like you’re at the beginning of some potential problems. Small gallstones and the start of a fatty liver. Fortunately (if there are no other problems) you can reverse the damage. Read through this site and the book for dietary suggestions (both for your gallbladder and to reduce the fat in your liver), and lead a more active lifestyle. Don’t go on any crash diets, which could hurt your liver more. A liver-friendly diet is also good for your gallbladder, since you’re trying to minimize fats and grease that are part of the typical fast-food diet.

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I have a 5 year old English Setter (Field Variety) and he weighs about 52 pounds. The day after I took him in for his annual checkup he vomited up the entire contents of his morning meal that consisted of one cup of Nutro Brand High Energy dry food. The following two days he kept his food down but vomited up two three times a yellow mucus. He received a rabies shot , lyme vaccine and the other vaccines. Two days after the checkup visit he was taken to the vet and a blood panel showed his liver enzymes were elevated (1200 ALT) X-rays were taken but showed nothing abnormal. Took him back a week later and the liver enzymes were 1800. A week later they had dropped to 1600. He is showing no physical symptoms and is a high energy dog. The vet suggested a liver biopsy however I do not want to risk potential side effects of a liver biopsy at this time. I asked the vet if there was some kind of antibiotic he could suggest and he was put on Metronidazole 500mg 2x/day plus milk thistle and SamE. He has been on this for about three weeks and his liver enzymes are now 2600. He is still showing no symptioms at all and am not sure what to do next. I don’t know if he had a pre-existing condition or what because if he had not vomited after the vaccinations, we never would have checked his blood work. Is it time for a liver biopsy?

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Hi im 26 years im 5ft 7 and weigh 80kg. I do a hour free weight session 3 times a week from a gym instructor and 2 seperate evening class, one of spinning the other circuit training and i rest over the weekend. I work as a baker and have to get up at 3am. My calorie intake is 2100 a day i have a bowl of cereals first thing in the morning, protein shake of 2 scoops at 6am, beef sandwich and half a large pot of plain yogurt at 9am. Finish work at 12 goto the gym and have a protein shake after, 2 boiled eggs and toast for lunch at 4pm. Dinner at 7pm of turkey breast and a packet of veg and i will have another protein shake before bed. Im just unsure if im not eating enough to get big but not fat but at the same time i dont want to put on to much weight to look fat and i want to look ripped by not eating to many calories, my goal is to looked stacked but not fat, i also work my abs before each class. So i just needed some advice on what im doing wrong if iam. Thanks for your time. I would much appreciate your response.

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