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Many household and garden items are toxic to cats and are listed in cat care books. The list includes unexpected items such as chocolate and onion. Aspirin, other human medications, ethylene glycol (antifreeze) and slug pellets are seriously toxic to cats. Chemical poisons may burn the mouth and throat making the cat paw at its mouth and drool. Behavioural effects include lethargy, restlessness, anxiety, confusion. Other symptoms include vomiting, staggering and collapse. Poisoning may be fatal or may cause sickness depending on the toxin, the quantity swallowed and the age, weight and health of the cat (this is why medical drugs have dosage per pound/kilo bodyweight). Making the cat vomit may cause more harm than good as the vomit may scald the throat and mouth. Seek emergency vet attention; if you know what the cat has eaten tell the vet and take with you any container to help the vet determine the best treatment.

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Powdered medication can be mixed with strong smelling cat food. Sardines/pilchards in tomato sauce are ideal if your cat likes these. Otherwise you may have to mix the powder with liquid and syringe-feed it to your cat.

One has gotten skinny and has been 'trying' to die for over a month.

Injections are given into a muscle or under the skin (subcutaneously). It is often easier to inject a cat than a human as the fur hides the sight of the needle going in. Ask your vet to teach you the technique. Skin is surprisingly hard to puncture and you will probably have to inject water into a number of oranges to learn how to get the speed and pressure right.

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You could puree some cat food or make a meat broth and carefully syringe feed your cat if it refuses all food. Vets and pet stores may stock liquid cat food - in the UK a canned liquid food for convalescent cats (Liquivite) is available from larger pet stores. Your vet may prescribe a drug to jumpstart the appetite, e.g. Valium, and investigate the reason for appetite loss. If all else fails and the cat can expect a good quality and reasonable length of life once recovered, your vet may insert a tube into the cat's stomach for feeding. In cases where the mouth or oesophagus are recovering from serious injury, this may be the only option. The tube is held in place with a bandage and a highly nutritious "glop" is syringed directly into the stomach. If this is because of mouth problems (e.g. a seriously broken jaw), you may have to continue this treatment at home.

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It the cause is a simple stomach upset, withhold food for the remainder of the day to allow his stomach to settle, but provide plenty of water. Provide small portions of bland food for the next few days or until he is visibly recovered. If the vomiting is due to food intolerances; try a different variety or different brand. Organic cat foods (e.g. Yarrah) or ones without artificial additives may help. A Selected Protein prescription diet may be required. If preservatives are the cause, a fresh meat diet with nutritional supplements may be required. Non-preservative usually have a shorter shelf life. If vomiting is due to eating inappropriate items, you must restrict access to these items!

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Burial is the commonest option in Britain where many people have a garden or an understanding friend with a garden (I have my apartment-dwelling friend's cats buried in my garden). Make sure local bylaws don't prohibit this. If you bury him in the garden (yard), the grave should be at least three feet (1m) deep to discourage scavengers. Wrap him in a shroud of cloth and lay him at the bottom of the hole. Fill up the hole with soil, bearing in mind that it will settle over the next few weeks. It is a sensible precaution to lay a paving slab on top to deter scavengers from digging up the body. Once it has been buried, you are not permitted to exhume an animal's body.