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One issue that Rubinstein failed to deal with, and others have mentioned this "lapse" in his logic, was that many plans would have been proposed if the proponents felt that they had a prayer at being implemented in the day's political climate. For instance, most American Jews would have wanted Kurt Klein's parents to be able to come to America, and there in fact were attempts to raise immigration quotas, but when the most innocent of victims, Jewish children, were given the cold shoulder by America when the , how realistic was it to campaign to let in more Jewish ? Jews in America at times did not want more Jews being let into the USA, because every Jewish refugee admitted further fanned American anti-Semitism. Jewish groups themselves have been roundly criticized by many for doing very little to avert the fate of those in the Jewish Holocaust. Kurt Klein, as a teenager, even naïvely went to Washington, D.C. himself and pled with the government to do something about his parents' plight. His response to Rubinstein's assessment might be intriguing.

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when Germany invaded Poland and eventually Eastern Europe, Jews in those regions largely doomed, although many in the local populations were willing accomplices, eagerly moving into empty Jewish homes, hunting Jews, etc. If the Allies had committed themselves to mitigating the Jewish Holocaust, and there is no evidence that they did to any significant degree, it is questionable how successful they would have been. Yet, that is also a judgment in hindsight. Regarding bombing Auschwitz and other potential attempts to mitigate the Jewish Holocaust, such as buying those Romanian refugees, there is no evidence that they were taken seriously. With the Romanian Jew purchase, the American and British bureaucrats were genuinely that the Nazis would actually sell them and put tens of thousands of refugees in their hands. In the end, the Allies simply what was happening to Jews, as they also did not care if millions of Soviet soldiers were dying in Nazi POW camps as part of a conscious Nazi strategy. In light of the firebombings of Dresden and Tokyo in early 1945, the atomic bombing Hiroshima, then having a "" bombing that, as the Japanese were trying to surrender, gives the lie to the notion that the war planners had much concern for civilian lives. In the insanity and horror of the times, the Jewish fate was simply part of the landscape. As Hilberg observed, the Allies were only really concerned with the success or failure of the combatants, and victims such as Jews, Poles, and Soviet POWs were barely considered among the Allied press and governments.

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For those who came to the New World in those early days, they had other benefits that did not accrue directly to Europe. The Spanish soldiers got the dream of a lifetime as they raped every native woman that they could. If it was not rape, they had harems of as many as 80 women for one man. They enjoyed the benefits of native slaves and concubines while they lasted. The sexual relations between the Spanish soldiers and natives were virtually never romantic love and were not relations of equality. The Spanish soldiers exercised the conqueror’s prerogative. They set themselves up as lords on the native backs. The English "settlers" stole the land from the natives, which . They killed off countless , , and fur-bearing animals while they lasted. They deforested many millions of acres in the name of "progress." Stealing native land and enslaving and raping the natives were the "benefits" to the settlers. In addition, more than ten million Africans "migrated" to the New World in chains, while an equivalent number or perhaps even more did not survive the process.

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I will give Truman the benefit of the doubt that he would happily sacrifice hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians to spare thousands of American soldiers. The evidence strongly supports the idea that the lives "saved" by the atom bombs were steadily inflated by Truman and his advisors after the war, to retroactively make their decisions seem more humane, but I will side with those who think that it did not matter how many American lives would be saved by the bomb. Even though people such as Sledge knew that they were expendable cannon fodder, I will accept that Truman wanted no more of them to die than was necessary, and if nuking Japan could save lives of American soldiers, then he was for it, although his invasion of Korea makes the argument questionable. Such one-sided calculations have been seen many times in the USA's military since then, and I will even accept that Truman believed in the welfare of his in-group. Out-groups have been and even , so Truman was doing nothing different in kind, but just on a scale and violent intensity that was unprecedented.

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For a man who gave shoot-to-kill orders to the National Guard, to be executed against protesting students while he was California's governor, for a man who liked telling jokes about black people, for a man who presided over the genocide in , for a man who hated the Soviet Union and did his best to conquer it, as well as being an eager collaborator of Joe McCarthy’s witch-hunts, a man with his delusional wartime fantasies, for a man who was a failed artist (he played the straight man to a chimpanzee) who resurrected his fortunes when he pursued politics, for a man who ran for office on the platform of making his nation great once more by citing a golden age that never was, Reagan had many parallels to Hitler. The accounts we can now read about both men, where they could be nearly incoherent in private conversation, yet those around them, including the press, portrayed both men as , gives one pause. For the death toll they racked up, they were different, but in other ways, they were blood brothers. Hitler was a real soldier; Reagan was a fake soldier. Hitler euthanized the mentally ill; Reagan threw them onto the streets to fend for themselves. I met Reagan's handiwork on the streets of every day. Compare the Nuremberg rallies to the Democratic and Republican conventions in American politics. Reagan presided over the that the world had seen since Hitler's concentration camps and Stalin's gulags. As a child, I had to say the every day to begin school. How different was my indoctrination from what a German child underwent? As I was saying my pledge to the flag, with my hand over my heart, my nation was for the crime of wanting to be free. We were able to accomplish invasions that Hitler could only dream of, as we sent repeatedly troops across a vast ocean to annihilate the "enemy."

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Nevertheless, when the word got out, it was acted on by very few people and met a general wall of apathy, as there was a war to fight. Jews were not alone in their secret suffering. The millions of Russian POWs who died in German captivity also generally died out of sight of the Western media. After all, they were the hated communists. Romani died unmourned, as did Slavs of Eastern Europe. Germany kept it quiet, and the Western press did not dig too far, aided by Western diplomats actively keeping it quiet. Even so, the Nazi Holocaust is one of the better-documented conspiracies of all time. Not only were numerous documents captured to plot the trajectory and execution of the Final Solution, but thousands of survivors testified about the concentration and death camps, including American soldiers. Also, many who were involved in one way or another in the Final Solution testified, and far more than just Nazis who were tried in war crimes trials. Spectacular physical evidence of the Nazi Holocaust survived, such as the camps themselves, piles of clothing, hair, and teeth taken from the victims, and mountains of emaciated corpses. The Nazi Holocaust is perhaps the most undeniable conspiracy to be found.