And the French Revolution is birthed in anarchy.

It led very directly and logically to the regicide, the murder of Biblical Christians, the malignant campaign against noble citizens, the bloody social engineering, and a host of other crimes against humanity committed bythe French Revolution in the late 18th century.

When we compare and contrast the French Revolution vs.

De Tocqueville had wondered about theanarchy and mayhem of the French Revolution.
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And why did the French revolution led to anarchy?

The other side of the Marxist argument is that, in Albert Soboul’s words, “The French Revolution was the crowning achievement of a long economic and social evolution that made the bourgeoisie the master of the world”. He has a point regarding his evaluation of the Revolution’s lasting legacy – in particular, that of its Constituent Assembly. The Declaration of the Rights of Manpropertyancien régime

The American and French Revolutions had many similarities.

When an open and honest student of history compares the French Revolution with the American Revolutionand considers the spiritual dimensions involved in the histories of each nation he will be drawn to some rather stark and awesome conclusions.

And so when the French Revolution came along the resultwas quite predictable.
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Their number in the French society was considerable

There is a very important lesson to be learned by Americans in the history of France in the 16th to 18th Centuriesand particularly in the French Revolution.

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All this secular humanism was supposed to bring "Enlightenment" to the world.
The French Revolution was supposed to bring Western Civilizationinto a new era of great progress and human happiness.

Inventors and Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

Instead of the Utopian rationalistic wonderland they expected the French Revolution delivered up a veritable chamber of horrors, something that came to be called the "Reign of Terror".

What were the Social Causes of French Revolution?

I am a student of history and am currently writing an essay on ‘was class conflict an important causse of the French revolution?’ Your essay if I may call it that was truely informative. Thank you. To add to that it also shed a lot of light on issues not nessisarily pertaining to class divide and economic factors. I myself in hindsight have fallen into the trap of a marxist argument. again thank you.