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Landlocked developing countries, the world’s poorest states without access to the sea, face significant challenges importing and exporting goods. This is not just due to their remote geographical locations and the vast numbers of miles and hours required to import and export, but also because of poor transport networks and lengthy and cumbersome customs and border controls.

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Only 10% of those living in the 48 least developed countries receive high-speed internet connection
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The country has a low standard of living, an underdeveloped economy base and has a low Human Development Index.
What a developing country mostly has...
They mostly have...
People with poor nutrition
Poor housing condition
Dirty water supplies
A lot of people unemployed
High level of birth and death rates
Lower education rates
And many more...
This is what a regular town looks like in a developing country
This is a population pyramid of a developing country, China, as you can see the population pyramid is very big and thick.
What is a developed country?
A developed country is basically the entire opposite of a developing country.

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The cost tofrom a landlocked developing country has been estimated at US$ 3,444 and US$ 4,344 to import. Comparatively, neighbouring countries face much lower average costs for containers of US$ 1,301 to export and US$ 1,559 to import. This has a significant impact on the types of produce that can be exported products.

•The 2011 Human Development Index by the United Nations ranked Australia in second place.
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What is the Meaning of Under Development?

New global networks of trade and transport should be opening up landlocked nations to world markets, yet it takes on average 49 days for landlocked developing countries to import and 41 days to export, almost twice the time taken by neighboring countries.

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For the developing country, we would be using India and for the underdeveloped country, we would be using Afgahnistan.
Life Expectancy
For the life expectancy inside Canada, the average life of a person is 70 years or older.

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Development and Developing Countries

It was also an important transition as the first half of the year UN-OHRLLS bid farewell to Mr. Gyan Chandra Acharya and welcomed Ms. Fekitamoeloa Katoa ‘Utoikamanu as the new Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States.

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Because without money, they can't get what they need to survive and if you do have money and can afford this, you can even improve things you want.
What a developing country can do to help
-They can help sent workers to these countries to build houses and schools to help shelter and literacy.

-They can hire more doctors and build more hospitals so there can be more easier ways to heal from injuries and diseases.

- We should build more local wells, because most developing countries have dirty water, and you have to travel far away just to get clean water.