There are many different types of depression in the world.

Usually, the first episode of depression is a result of a trigger such as a stressful event but the following episodes may occur without a stress event to trigger them.

The person depressed is numb to many things.

What many fail to understand is depression is indeed an illness, which can and must be treated.

A person with depression tends to shut others from their lives.

If depression is not treated, symptoms could last for weeks, months, or years and this, without doubt, would have detrimental effects to one's mental and physical health.

Depression is a common but very serious illness.

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was chosen for the purpose of a postpartum depression (PPD) teaching project.

Many teens are also faced with depression.

With additional responsibilities such as taking care of children and going to work or taking care of aging parents, women are highly susceptible to depression.

The effects of the Great Depression were huge across the America....

Her attorney argued that it was Andrea Yates' untreated postpartum depression, which evolved into postpartum psychosis that caused her horrific actions (1) .

Depression comes in many forms.

ECT and anti-depressant drugs both affect the neurotransmitters in the brain as a way to treat depression. CONCLUSION A study done recently by Health Magazine in April of this year found that chronic stress contributes to depression, which led researchers to believe that continuous stress over a long period of time "hard wires" the brain into operating in stress mode all the time, triggering depression. This is a prime example of the confusing principal behind what causes depression.

Another false view about depression is that if it is severe, it has no treatment.

Major Depression or also known as Chronic Depression.

Additionally, women who had a strong presence of other females, such as their mothers, sisters, and grandmothers, who could provide extra help with the baby as well as moral support to the new mother, also had lower instances of postpartum major depression.

Reactive depression is the most common form of depression.

While often misdiagnosed as minor depression or as a bipolar or schizophenic eposide, when diagnosed and treated correctly, postpartum major depression is successfully treatable in eighty to ninety percent of women....

Depression does not discriminate based on color, status or beauty.

It is especially beneficial for those who are too depressed to speak since their symptoms improve after taking medication. Prozac, or fluoxetine, is the most widely prescribed anti-depressant which increases the supply of serotonin to the brain. Electroshock (ECT or Electroconvulsive Therapy), although having a notorious reputation, is a much better option today than ever.