The years 1948 to 1951 were very intense years for orgonomy:

But at Mondragon, for example, the General Manager attends board meetings without having a vote, to give expert advice . Here directors are not only owners but also employees and discussing co-op performance could be more difficult with the General Manager present.

There were ideas learned from the OIRC that can be summarized:

As all assets are owned jointly by members, they share in the losses as well as in the gains.
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Joined the Austrian Communist Party (in secret.)

It follows that managers should be selected by those whose work they would be co-ordinating. This is obviously so within a producer (worker-owned) co-op but applies equally well elsewhere.

Joined Socialist Association in Austria.

In a kibbutz, for example, all share equally in the work to be done and the general assembly of members elects managers. A managers is elected to be responsible for part of the work to be done, for a limited period of say two years. Following this he or she can be elected to manage another part of the work. This has worked well.

Reich had some important points around which this Center was organized:
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The basic principles of orgonomic concepts of energy are:

A neurotic structure would prevent the blossoming of free sexuality immediately. There needs to be some regulation, for example there are laws against child molestation. But in the USA, the pornography industry is huge, and it often has a violent theme. In the USA children often have more time alone at home (one of Reich’s goals) yet they are in an environment that online can surround them with pornography. There are no good models there; hookups are mechanical, jaded and superficial. Sex is performed without meaning, yet this is the norm now.

Consumers are also represented on Eroski's board of directors.

Members decide policy and elect directors at a general meeting. When the total number of members is reasonably small then all can attend, have their say, vote.

Majority vote elects directors.

Members decide policy and elect directors whose role is to ensure that policy is put into effect. If the members are dissatisfied with what directors are doing then they replace the directors.

Bennett listed the elements of sexual health:

Robbins then spent a good deal of time talking about the extensive list of those who have observed UFOs. Images from Jutland, reports of Japanese pilots, cockpit crew of a Delta flight, official report from the Brazilian government, and other military and civilian reports are just a part of the list. Many reports backed up with good photographs.

John Lewis: Net assets per employee are GBP 30,700.

Much knowledge and expertise will be available from a co-op's members and in the local community. It can be tapped via the communication channels already suggested such as a magazine of some sort or access terminals on co-op premises.

When you leave we stop giving this to you.

Directors in turn appoint the General Manager and senior managers to put the agreed policy into effect and to deal with day-to-day problems. If the directors are dissatisfied with what the managers are doing, then they replace the managers.