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The legislative concern about what death is, is actually (orought tobe) the concern with when we know for sure death (first) occurs. This is necessary in those cases where the process of dying is somewhatgradual or where the signs of death are not definitive, especiallyperhapsin those cases where the body, or parts of the body can be keptfunctioningmechanically even after death. It is not necessary in those caseswhere death results immediately and obviously from some kind ofcataclysmic,and clearly fatal, trauma to the body. Nor is it necessary forknowinga decomposed body is dead. We do not need to, say, hook up an EEGto a skeleton to know the person whose skeleton it was is dead. Knowingwhen death first occurs in the unclear cases is important, in order toknow when to discontinue life support systems, when to remove organsfordonation, when to pronounce death for legal purposes such as probatingwills, etc.

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Until relatively recently, when a person's heart stoppedbeating forsome length of time, they were thought to be unable to be revived or torevive on their own and were thought to have no possible mentalactivitythen or ever again. Just after medical science learned it couldre-starthearts which had quit beating, people whose hearts had been restartedweresaid to have been "dead for two minutes" or for whatever amount of timethere heart had been idle. That, however, is a metaphorical or mistakenuse of "dead" or is simply a use of the term "dead" because of a formallegal or medical definition, even though that definition does notinvolvethe essential aspect of death that means when you are dead, you are not"coming back." To ask whether someone who died some time in the past is"still dead" can only be a joking kind of question. To say someone diedduring surgery and then was resuscitated and is now fine is not to meanthey "died" in the normal sense of the word.

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This is not a definition of death; it is a criterion fordeciding whendeath has first occurred. It is the earliest state ofnon-(self-activity)or of non-(important activity) from which no one has ever known to haverevived or been revived. Now one can imagine a day when either a new,importantbodily activity is detected (or brain waves too weak for an EEG can bedetected by another, more sensitive machine) when an EEG does notdetectbrain waves, or one can imagine the day when someone discovers somechemical,electrical, or surgical, or whatever, balm or procedure that can getstoppedbrains or stopped brain waves "going" again (or rendered unnecessary).Should this occur, we would need a new criterion for telling when aperson'slife is first "gone forever" -- but having one's life be gone forever(interms of no realistic possibility of important body activities, asdescribedpreviously) would still be what death is, and it would be the same nowas it has always been.

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It is hard to believe that desiccated bones dug up from thegrave willbe restorable to life, or that in fact any body, once it begins todecaysubstantially, can be resuscitated; but if that happens or could bemadeto happen, then my definition of death would be wrong, and we wouldneedto reconsider all our behavior relating to death. Or death would havehappenedonly to those unfortunates who had such catastrophic accidents thatnothingof their bodies is left to resuscitate.

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The attempts by legislatures, lawyers, clergymen, physicians,and philosophersto define death as the cessation of function of a certain body part(whetherheart, brain, part of the brain, or whatever) have been misguided. Theyare failures in theory, and, as medical science progresses, somewhatlikelyto be shown to be failures in practice. These attempts show afundamentalmisunderstanding of what we mean by death and what medical science isdoingwhen one or more of its practitioners pronounces a person dead.

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