– The use of contractions can also provide indicia of deception

"Now we charge you , brethren, in the name and on the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, that you withdraw and keep away from every brother (fellow believer) who is slack in the performance of duty and is disorderly, living as a shirker and not walking in accord with the traditions and instructions that you have received from us" (2 Thessalonians 3:6, Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary).

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Austin, Searle's (1969) treats all communication as instances of the performance of speech acts.


I had the same thought. If we, representing every part of the country, had a calendar and a region to make entries into every day, it would be possible to discern patterns of spraying and, perhaps even to predict it. For example, let's take today – I would envision clicking a "Make an Observation" tab, clicking "San Diego MSA", clicking on the calendar for November 12, and clicking a "Heavy Spray" option (which, unfortunately was all too true today). After allowing a period of time for a statistically significant data sample size to be collected, a model could probably be developed by somebody a lot smarter than I am that could predict the spray days based on actual and forecast weather conditions that were in effect on the spray days (historical data available through links) with a pretty high degree of certainty. At the very least, it would show how often they're spraying and where the concentrations are at any given time.

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No matter how intelligent these types of people seem to be, they lack the capacity to admit, or even know, that they harbor a deep intense fear of things they perceive are beyond their control. Unless they somehow come to grips with themselves & face it, they will remain in denial till the end (literally). It's impossible to reason with this type of mindset. You'll only continue to frustrate & hurt yourselves by trying once you recognize their symtoms. Best to move on to others who are not blocked in this way. FEAR truly is THE MINDKILLER. Thank you Dane & all others on this site for continuing to be brave against all odds.

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Why would the "ice boulders" occur with Arctic sea ice at record low levels? Why would perfectly spherical "ice balls" occur at all? 2012 was the previous record Arctic ice low for this time of year, 2016 has shattered that former record.

What is the easiest way to accomplish the task of creating GIANT HAILSTONES? Superchilled Liquid gases.

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Having spent most of my life on the Pacific ocean and as a private pilot having flown over a lot of ocean, "i would like to bring to attention how the tradewinds cloud system works. I was taught this in secondand grade. and seen it all my life . The sun heats the ocean surface this warner stean rises till it hit colder air temps were it condenses back to water drops or mist. these are the trade clouds about 3000 ft up to higher. as the clouds get heaver with water the bottoms become dark. You can also see round or part round holes were mosture has passed through. The cold rain then drops bringing cold back to the surface land or water. Like the radator on your car if you cover it as in cemtrails your engine is going to over heat. We have lost aprox 45 percent of the sun by this SRM spray. So 45 pc less rain and cooling effect. All man made. Gary

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A stronghold is deception that's taken hold in a person's mind. It's an incorrect thinking pattern based on a believed lie. People can get incorrect perceptions of God by listening to Satan as he tells them how God doesn't love them, etc. People can feel like dirty old sinners when they believe Satan's accusations as he continually reminds them of their past (which has been washed away!). Strongholds are based on lies from the devil. They can come in the form of deception or accusations. Accusations always lead to guilt and the feeling of unworthiness, which weighs you down and tears you apart spiritually.

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Their evangelistic world-view is the prime reason why Billy Graham and his compatriots are able to solicit the cooperation of the Roman Catholic Church in their crusades. The ecumenical movement just loves New Evangelicals, because they get along so well together; and when one doctrine is flagrantly violated, what’s a few more?