south of Economy, Ind. Dec-25) 1884 (d.

225, Greencastle, Indiana, Thursday, July 26, 1894; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)
Priest, David Badger
David Badger Priest was born in Montgomery county, Kentucky, Dec 22, 1825; died at his home, two miles north of Brick Chapel at 1:25 o'clock on May 19, 1904 having reached the advanced age of 78 years 4 months and 26 days.

and Mary Hanna, of Morton, Dec.

Deceased was well and favorably known to a great many of our citizens.

Anna Katherine "Kate" Reel of Lexington died Dec. 23 | …

Many times during her last illness she would say when friends sent flowers and eatables, "How good every one is to me; how can I ever repay their kindness." She was a member of the Christian church, joining in 1860; when health permitted her she never failed to attend.

Anna Katherine "Kate" Reel of Lexington died Dec

The deceased was 69 years of age and a native of County Kerry, Ireland, but came to America when twenty-one years of age and resided in Greencastle ever since that time.

The colors at the top of the display have their red-green-blue values, in decimal, on the bottom of the screen.

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Open Dec. 26, 1907 to Sept. 23, 1966. Village northwest of Nashville and east of Needmore on St. Rd. 45.

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A Non-Traditional School Day is a method of delivering instruction for ALL students on a day when school buildings are not accessible due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. snow days). Teachers have the opportunity to maintain an online presence for content delivery or provide a hard copy of work for students without technology or network resources. The result is decreased loss of instructional time and an increased ability to continue learning content.

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Should the district elect to use a Non-Traditional Instruction Day, all media announcements will reflect that decision. NTI assignments will be sent home with students by their classroom teachers. All students will receive printed copies of their assignments to keep at home. Please contact the front office for more information.

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Eligibility for Nomination:
The nominee must demonstrate outstanding success in his/her career field, leadership, or community involvement while maintaining the highest integrity and character. The nominee has graduated at least five years prior or has contributed at least five years of service to our school system. The nominee may be either living or deceased.

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Any alumni or friend of the Burgin School System may submit a nomination. An official nomination form must be completed for each nominee including substantiating materials such as newspaper articles, awards, photographs, etc. Nomination forms should be turned in to the front office of the school. The deadline for submission is April 13th, 2018. Decisions of the committee will be final.

Early wartime image of Private Isaac Yike (b.1838)

The "health freedom" argument involves deception by misdirection. It focuses on individual freedom but does not consider how people who fail to protect their health put the rest of society at physical and/or financial risk. Failing to vaccinate, for example, decreases herd immunity so that contagious diseases spread more widely. In 2012, Mercola began calling his newsletter "Health Liberty Newsletter."