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Emad Etesami (Shahab Hosseini) and his wife Rana (Taraneh Alidoosti) are a middle-class couple in Tehran. He is a literature teacher, and both he and his wife are rehearsing lead roles in a local production of “Death of a Salesman.” After their apartment almost collapses around them, they rent a new place owned by one of their acting colleagues, Babak (Babak Karimi). They are unsettled when they discover that the previous tenant, a woman of ill repute, has left her belongings in the place, yet they try to cope. In a nasty turn of events, one of the ex-renter’s clients comes to the apartment while Rana is alone at home taking a bath. Thinking it is Emad coming home, she invites him in, only to be knocked unconscious in the shower.

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The story introduces shambling Winfried (Peter Simonischek), a music teacher from Aachen whose worldview could hardly be more different from that of his daughter Ines (Sandra Hueller), a workaholic corporate executive who is estranged from her cutup father and involved in a major deal in Bucharest. At loose ends after the death of his dog, Winfried flies to Bucharest to surprise Ines, but his timing is bad since she is at a crucial stage in delicate corporate negotiations. Winfried tries to loosen his daughter up with goofy pranks, chides her stuffiness, and mocks her barren business lifestyle. Yet, just when Ines thinks Winfried has left for Germany, he returns as the flamboyant Toni Erdman, barely disguised in a rumpled suit, a bizarre wig, and grotesque fake teeth, claiming to be her CEO’s “life coach.” As Toni, Winfried is surprisingly bold and wheedles his way into Ines’ circle. He’s impossible to ignore, but through his mischief Ines begins to see some of the absurdities of her own life, to the point of bonding with dad.

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“The Salesman” is an excellent bet to be one of the five films nominated for Best Foreign Language picture. I would argue rightly so, because Farhadi has again tapped his country’s Zeitgeist to produce a thoughtful, ruminative drama fraught with plausible dilemmas that allow his stable of actors to shine.

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